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6 Wedding Planning Date Night Ideas

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Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be all-consuming and stressful. And even though the reward of marrying the love of your life is completely worth all the late-night planning sessions, taking a much-needed break from the decor, hors d’oeuvres, the guest list and everything in between to spend an evening with your spouse-to-be can be just what the doctor ordered. Cue: date night.

While there are endless possibilities to date night shenanigans, here are our top 5 favorite!

1. New Restaurant + Cocktail Tasting

While this date night idea certainly isn’t new, it’s an oldie and a goodie for a reason. Food fuels us and it can be so easy to fall into our routines of cooking the same meals or frequenting the same restaurants because we can drive to them in under 60 seconds. Getting outside our comfort zone and trying something new with our partner is the perfect distraction to help de-stress from all the wedding planning.

2. Wine & Painting Evening

For all the couples who are wine connoisseurs out there, we love this date night idea. Not only is this fun and different, but the painting might also help get your creative juices flowing if you and your honey have been needing some inspiration and scrolling for hours on Pinterest just isn’t cutting it anymore.

3. Home Movie Theater

Ever wish you could have a movie theater in your home? Well, you can! All you need to create this cute at home movie theater date night is a handy dandy projector (thank you amazon). Grab all the comfy pillows and blankets you own and create a space on the floor in front of the wall where the projector will, well, project whatever film you desire. You two can get lost in watching your favorite movie or maybe one neither of you have ever seen. If the weather permits, take this idea up a notch and relocate outside! The only thing more fun than a home movie theater is a home theater under the stars!

4. Get Out of Town

Like, literally get out of town. While this idea extends to more than just a single date night, this can be truly refreshing when under a tremendous amount of wedding planning stress. Sometimes we need to step away completely to help refocus and get back on track. Even a day trip can be helpful for both of you to remember that you two and your relationship is the most important thing.

5. Topgolf

Can you think of a better way to de-stress than hitting a golf ball as hard as humanly possible? Yeah, me either. Not only does Topgolf help to get rid of all that excess cortisol, it’s also just downright fun. The perfect balance of interactive and relaxed. No skills necessary which makes this one of our favorite date night ideas.

6. Picnic Outside

This one is so fun! If the weather is nice, why not grab a picnic basket full of some goodies and head to the beach? If you prefer to let someone else do the legwork, you can work with The VB Picnic Co. and Long Board Charcuterie to do the work for you! Check out this cute date night at The Lesner Inn!

It’s so incredibly important to step away when this process gets too overwhelming and refocus on what matters the most: you and your partner. So, here’s to endless date nights with the love of your life long after your wedding day has passed!