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The Ultimate Guide for your Wedding Reception Bar

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Echard Wheeler Photography

What are your top priorities when it comes to your wedding day? Is it great food? Is it a location with a view? Is it the best DJ east of the Mississippi? Well, for so many of us, one thing that we want to make sure is included in our big day is just those two little words: the bar. Yes, that’s right, the wedding reception bar. After the dress is on, the tux has been pressed, the guests are in place, tears have been shed and the vows have been said, we are ready to get the drinks flowing. Or as our favorite bridesmaids says in Bridesmaids… “I’M READY TO PAAAAARTY!”

Cat Deline Photography | The Lesner Inn | Virginia Beach, VA

As so many of us have experienced, the bar can be one of the largest expenses for the big day. But what exactly are the options anyways? Let me break it down for you the way we do it here at The Lesner Inn

House Beer & Wine

Needing a more budget friendly alternative, but still want alcohol to be an option for your guests? Never fear, the house beer and wine package will save the day. All you have to do is select three of the four beers from our house beers list! All four of our house wines will be included in this option, along with our house champagne, sodas & juices. A very popular choice among our clients.  

House Beer, Wine & Liquor

For our clients who don’t have the taste for beer and wine only, our house liquor can be added for a modest per person fee. This gives guests plenty of options for the alcoholic beverage of their choice and includes all the traditional soda and juice mixers.  

Premium Beer, Wine & Liquor

Now for those of us who want to go big or go home on the bar setup, the premium liquor, premium beer, and wine option is the way to go for you. More popular name brands tend to be more expensive, so they fall in the premium category.

Local Beer & Wine

For our guys and gals who enjoy a local palette, the Virginia local beer and wine package would be the route for you. Virginia is home to some of best breweries and wineries in the U.S. That’s my unbiased opinion. OK, maybe I’m a little biased, but rightfully so. 

This is also a great option for clients who invite a lot of guests from out-of-town & who want to show off their hometown! You’ll see popular breweries like Smartmouth Brewing Co, Back Bay Brew House, O’Connor’s, & Devil’s Backbone on our bar menu.

Cat Deline Photography | The Lesner Inn
Cat Deline Photography | The Lesner Inn

NEW Signature Bars

Newly added at The Lesner Inn is our Signature Bar option. Wait, did I read that correctly? Oh, yes. A. Signature. Bar. This is a phenomenal upgrade for those who want something super unique at their wedding & a fun experience for your guests. 

Whether you want to offer your guests a taste of VB with our Signature Crush Bar, or stay in line with the trends of today with a Spritz Bar – we’ve got you covered! We have several options, but my personal favorite is the martini bar. This offers four different types of martinis allowing for everyone to find something they’ll enjoy. 

Justin Hankins Photography | The Lesner Inn
Justin Hankins Photography | The Lesner Inn
Justin Hankins Photography | The Lesner Inn

Signature Drinks

And last but certainly not least, A Classic. His & Her Drink. The Signature Drink! This is a great option for those who do not want to upgrade to the full liquor package, but would still like to offer one or two liquor drinks on top of the beer and wine. The personal touch of creating a signature drink with a name that represents both of you will forever be one of my favorite wedding details.