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#FeatureFriday: E&E Special Events

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It’s always a blast when E&E Special Events comes to the Lesner that we had to sit down and to get the 411 on E&E Special Events and the advice they would give to couples when it comes to the booking process and any trends they’ve seen in 2021!

Meet E&E Special Events

How did E&E Begin? What is E&E Special Event’s story?

 E and E Special Events is named for the business owners Emily and Ezra!  Emily and Ezra are both USMC Veterans and met each other while they were both stationed in Oki Nawa Japan.  After marriage, and once they ended their active service in the Marines (2003), they moved to Virginia and founded E and E Special Events as a “full service” wedding company.  Over the years, the business has gone through many changes.  Currently, the business is focused on DJ and Live Music services as well as Day-Of wedding coordination.

How is E&E different from other music business in the Virginia Beach area?

E and E Special Events takes great care in offering a personal touch to everything we do.  It is important that our clients know exactly what (and who) they are getting when they book with us.  Ezra is the point of contact as well as the musician of our company!  We also offer both DJ services and Live Music services.  Jazz Combos, solo saxophone, Instrumental duets… and all of them are led by Ezra the DJ.

How would you describe your style?

I try to stay flexible and energetic.  When people are together, there is an energy that happens.  Helping everyone feel relaxed and comfortable, invites a good time.

Not only are you a DJ but you also play saxophone and have a band, can you tell us a bit more about that?

First, Ezra is a musician in all aspects of his life.  BS in Instrumental Music Education (ODU)… MM Music Education Pedagogy (VCU).  Ezra was also a band director for almost 15 years in Norfolk Public Schools.  He is also a Praise and Worship director at his home church.  The other musicians that play with Ezra for events are like-minded and of the same (or better) calibar.  Music is something that we love to take part in, and feel it is best when people are together to enjoy it!

Does E&E Special Events offer streaming services?

We have in the past taken charge of ceremony streams.  Depending on the location (Lesner Inn has great 5g reception for streaming) we can offer that as an additional charge.

Working with E&E Special Events

How involved can a couple be when it comes to creating their playlist?

This goes back to what they should look for in a DJ:  If they have a strongly defined style of music they enjoy, the DJ should be able to fully oblige.  On the other hand if they don’t really have anything in mind, trusting the DJ to keep the party moving is a great option as well.

What is the process like for couples when they work with E&E Special Events

We try to make the process as simple as possible.  The detailed version of the process is here: https://www.eespecialevents.com/pricing

But with any booking you’ll be dealing directly with Ezra and Emily from start to finish.  From the initial contact, to booking, to planning, and on through the actual day, we keep it personal.  We also provide a DJ Handout that details just what you want to do at your wedding and reception.

How early do you start playing prelude music before the bride walks in?

Prelude music is a must!  I make sure to play prelude music for at least 30 minutes.

Advice & Tips from the Expert

What is your biggest advice to couples when it comes to looking for a DJ?

Make sure that your DJ understands that the day is about you!  It is not a “show” for the DJ!  There is a fine line between hyping up the people to enjoy themselves, and stealing the shine for himself!  The couple being married is the focus of the whole thing and your vision of the event should be your DJ‘s goal… nothing more!

What questions would you advise couples to ask before booking?

Couples should ask their DJ about how they will interact with your other vendors.  This is important because in most cases they may not have worked together.  If the DJ is not competent at working with “new friends” it can make the night have a disorganized flow.

How many song changes do you recommend for the ceremony?

Processional: family song, bridesmaids song, bride song

1-2 special songs during the ceremony if needed.

1 song for the recessional.

What do you wish couples would do more of?

This may sound strange, but I wish couples would take their time on their wedding day.  This doesn’t even pertain to me as a musician but, have a longer wedding ceremony!  Soak in the magnitude of the awesome promise you are making to each other!  Don’t be afraid to get advice from other married couples that you look up to.  I guess what I mean is; Let your wedding look like your marriage is going to look!  Work it out, plan it, FIGHT FOR IT!  It is meant to be an amazing day, soak it in!  

What music trends do you see happening in 2021?

Honestly I predict a lot of “All-School” type playlists happening.  I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but famous music acts are not making big album projects.  This is especially true with all of the touring restrictions they would face to try to promote their music currently.  I think people are beginning to rediscover that some of the older hits… still hit hard and will continue to enjoy them for their events.

What’s the most original song you have ever played?

I’ve done quite a few special things over the years.  I’ve done remixes/mashups for first dances.  I produced a 9 minute megamix of some songs for the bride and her 29 bridesmaids to do a flash mob!  (there is a long story behind that one)  I have had a groom come to my home studio and record a song so that he could sing it to his bride on their wedding day.  I actually have a groom recording a song for his bride to walk down the aisle to!  So many fun things… I love a challenge!

What is your most popular first dance song?

This has changed so much over the months and years!  Let’s just say, country ballads from all eras are a great choice because they hit you right in your heart!  I think Country musicians have a special ability to get straight to the love story:  “God Bless the Broken Road,”  “Die a Happy Man,” “It’s Your Love,” “Then,” “Blessed,”  the list goes on!  This isn’t to say that other genres of music don’t have their “Ribbon in the Sky,” or that they won’t “Stickwitu” (see what I did there) but, Country ballads spell love in a unique way.

What are the most popular songs to use for those momentous moments, first dances, etc?

My opinion about songs is that they need to make you move your body!  Even slow jams need to have a pulse that invites dancing.  “A Song for Mama,” “You make me feel so young,” “Thinking out Loud,”  “Gravity”… these songs have a distinct groove even though they are usually played for special dances.

Do you still see the garter and bouquet toss and what songs works?

HEHE!  Yes but to what extent?!  Many people don’t know this but there are levels to the bouquet/garter thing:

Level 1. The bride throws the bouquet to all the single ladies in the room.  Naturally “Single ladies” or “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” will work here.

Level 2.  The Groom removes the garter and “slings it” to the single gentlemen in the room.  For a tame/cute version of this “The Stripper” by David Rose is a good one.  If you want to push the pg-13 rating maybe “Pony.”

Level 3.  (yes there can be more) The gentleman that caught the garter has to place it on the leg of the young lady that caught the bouquet!!!  (Usually this is done when they are dating each other, which can be equal parts fun, cute, and embarrassing).  Bruno Mars “Marry You” is perfect for this!

What is the best way for couples to contact you?

Thanks for asking!  There are quite a few ways to contact us:

Our website www.eespecialevents.com has a contact form that you can fill out pretty easily.

Call/Text 757-774-8127

DM at instagram.com/eespecialeventsdj/


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  • Mr. & Mrs. Horne

    SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

    We had such an amazing wedding at the Lesner this past weekend. With all of the hurdles we had to go through with COVID protocols, Alexis, Kim, and Lindsey went above and beyond to make our day feel normal- and it was PERFECT! They were so attentive to detail and helpful with things I had not thought of during the planning process. They took care of every detail and we had nothing to worry about on the day of Our wedding except showing up. I even had some last minute changes to decor that they were able to help with. The food was amazing and the view is seriously one you can’t beat. The sunset deck is Covered, so some rain is not a total game changer- but it also gives the guests a nice break from the reception hall (which is inside), which made our guests comfortable with spacing out during these times. Luckily our weather was perfect and the photos are literally amazing- there is no better view in Virginia Beach. I would highly recommend the Lesner for a wedding !!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jurko

    JUNE 22, 2018

    I could NOT be happier with the service from Lesner Inn. Our coordinator Liz was SO helpful each time we met with her and had questions. The ceremony and receptions spaces were absolutely beautiful. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing and I would recommend this venue to anyone!

  • The Bells

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

    Alexis, We just wanted to say thank you for all that you did Saturday & all the planning leading up to our wedding day. We had such an amazing day! And we really appreciated you making sure we were taken care of throughout the night. You’re amazing at what you do & helped our wedding day turn out to be perfect! Thank you again!

  • Jon & Brit­tany Wil­son

    JULY 15, 2017

    Girls at the Lesner Inn, Wow! I can’t believe it’s been just about a year since Jon and I came through the doors and knew that this would be the place we say “I do”. You guys are awesome and made planning a breeze even for this bride who didn’t have it all together. Thank you guys so much for everything, our day was perfect!

  • Kyle & Elise Miller

    APRIL 8, 2018

    I am speechless! Friday was truly amazing. You went above and beyond to make our day so special! We loved every second of the night. Thank you also for the champagne glasses and kitchen towel. You are so sweet! Everyone raved about the night. You and Lesner Inn are AMAZING!
    Love you
    Kyle & Elise Miller

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