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The 2021 Menu

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When it comes to food, the Lesner Inn does not play. In fact, one of our Lesner Inn managers runs a food loving instagram page because she’s such a foodie! We are always striving for the best when it comes to our food selections and we love to create new ideas thanks to our talented award-winning in house Chef, so we’re excited to share a little sneak peek with the help from one of our preferred photographers, Cat DeLine Photography to showcase our new updated menu!

Warning! Food cravings will occur and you should definitely eat something while you scroll through all these delicious photos!

Let’s talk brunch. Who doesn’t’ love pancakes? With our new brunch items, such as the mini pancake stacks your guests will be able to enjoy your afternoon brunch wedding or even your evening wedding because breakfast for dinner is always a great option!

Want more for your brunch menu – check out our other options like the donut cruller bites, bagel & cream cheese bites, smoked sausage bites, and more! Just click here to see the new brunch cocktail hour selections!

Since we’re already on the topic of the cocktail menu, let’s talk about the crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside fried wonton duck with sweet corn and cream cheese. The fried wonton gives your guests a nice crunch into the world of sweet and savory that they’ll be wanting more throughout the night with this rich selection!

If you’re going to have a Virginia Beach wedding then you have to at least serve some seafood options for your guests to appreciate, especially if they’re out of town guests that live out west and have never tasted a true fresh catch. Some of the top favorites you can never go wrong with is the grilled shrimp pineapple skewers that not only covers you with the seafood option but the added pineapple gives it a sweet tangy taste that accompanies well with the smokiness of the grilled shrimp. Want another option? What about the blackened scallop lollipops that opens a door to a succulent, fluffy scallop seared to perfection that will have you reminiscing years later of how good it was.

Now that you’re covered when it comes to seafood, let’s talk about one of our other favorite selections – the steak bites with gorgonzola dipping sauce! Cut and made to be the perfect bite size, these bites can be grilled to have different temperatures and will please just about anyone! Want a medium well done steak or a rare version? No worries, the steaks will be cooked to how you want them and shared for all your guests to enjoy! After choosing your steak bite, go ahead and dip it into the creamy gorgonzola sauce for a full body experience that will have you melting away and getting lost in how good it is. In fact, you may even catch yourself humming “wow, that’s good” under your breath as you take your first bite into this juicy and earthy selection.

We all love bread. Admit it. As much as we try to stay away, bread is just so good that we had to create this top notch selection and what better way to include a classic staple then as a crostini! The fig jam & brie crostini really does brings two worlds of flavor together. The first can best be described as sweet and honey with the other  being sharp and zesty. These two flavors together creates a recipe for success and an after taste that you’ll be trying to mimic for your anniversary!

Lastly, we can’t leave without introducing you to the greek salad skewers! Perfect for any veggie lover, this selection includes chopped onion, tomato, zucchini mushroom, and more to keep your guests feeling like they didn’t cheat on their diet even though they are most definitely  going to be taking some of these out the venue to enjoy later.

As always be sure to check out the full menu up on our website or check out the rest of our sneak peak from our photoshoot with Cat DeLine Photography by visiting our Facebook page! Be sure to also check in with your Lesner Inn manager to see how you can have some of these selections for your upcoming wedding and celebration!


Photography: Cat DeLine Photography

Chef: Lesner Inn 

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