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#FeatureFriday: Dustin Lewis Images

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No words can describe how amazing working with Dustin Lewis Images is. A true talent and all around great guy, we love when we get to see Dustin Lewis walk through our doors for a wedding or event at the Lesner Inn. We’ve known him for years and if there is a photographer we would recommend until we’re out of breath it would be Dustin. He’ll make sure that your day is not only stress free but fun while he captures all those perfect moments!

Meet Dustin Lewis

What is your story? Why did you create Dustin Lewis Images?

I have always had a passion for photography. My father has traveled the world for Business and always took amazing photos along  the way. I owe my early interest to him. I created Dustin Lewis Images as a tool to showcase my vision and to document the way I view life. Photography is my creative outlet.

Why the wedding industry instead of other types of photography?

Early in my photography career, I turned down weddings for years. The thought of forcing the bride and Grandma to say cheese and look at the camera while I count to 3 was not my idea of innovative art. However, after I photographed a few weddings for friends I quickly realized that couple want so much more than that. They were hiring me for my own personal style and creative eye. I was hooked immediately and never looked back.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I describe my style as a mix of classic portraiture with modern storytelling. I love photographing lots of candids and documenting the entire day. I stay away from trends and fads, and go for more of a timeless approach. If I had to use one word to describe my photography it would be clean. I make sure that there are no distracting elements and everything visible is intentional.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I source my inspiration from several locations. I admire many of my local industry peers photography, as well as, several celebrity photographers across the globe. I am a photography lover in general and spend way too much time on instagram.

If you could only use three words to describe your personality what would they be and why?

Three words to describe my personality to wedding couples are laid back, professional & reliable.

Dustin’s Advice

What’s your advice to couples still looking for their photographer?

Hire Dustin Lewis Images!! Lol. I highly suggest that couples meet with potential photographers either in person or over video. Just because someone can take a great photo doesn’t mean they are a good fit. Personality means so much in our line of work.

What advice do you have for camera shy couples?

The two most common phrases I hear from couples are “We are not very photogenic” and “We have never had professional photos taken of us”. I instantly reassure them that I will guide them on how to pose and what to do. Location, outfits and time of day are super important variables also. If we nail all three of those the rest is just having fun!

What advice do you have for couples to prepare for their engagement session?

Make it personal. I have photographed sessions at breweries, libraries, movie theaters & so many other fun locations. I even had one couple book the entire Washington Nationals stadium for an hour for our engagements! I love when couples incorporate their lives and interests into our session. It really helps them relax and results in better images.

Your three piece suit has become your signature look, what makes you want to wear this instead of a more casual look like other photographers go for?

I have always loved fashion. I also feel that when you look professional you are more respected by all guests at the wedding. I have worked over the years to brand myself and suiting up is part of that image I want to portray. If my wedding photographer rolled up to my wedding in a tshirt and ripped jeans I would have to question how serious they were about their business.

What is your Lesner Inn discount for couples?

I offer all Lesner Inn couples booking my photography a complimentary 16×20 canvas wall art of their favorite wedding image.

What is the best way for a couple to contact you?

Couples can contact me at

website –

email –

cell -757-748-2586

Social media – DustinLewisImages