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Unlocked: The Best Summer Wedding Menu!

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Oyster Bar & Shrimp Cocktail at The Lesner Inn | Virginia Beach Wedding Venue | Cat Deline Photography

There’s something about summer that makes all food & beverage taste even better. Maybe it’s the sunshine that lifts our moods, or maybe the food & drink is just that much better… but whatever the reason, we’re here to tell you about our favorite wedding menu offerings at The Lesner Inn.


We LOVE offering guests a pre-ceremony cocktail, and we highly recommend incorporating this idea at your wedding. We offer seasonal champagne cocktails, rose lemonade, or even fun canned cocktails by local distillery, Tarnished Truth, for your guests to sip on while they wait for you to say I do.

Cocktail Hour


Regardless of which event space you rent, your cocktail hour shares the same view of the beautiful Lynnhaven Inlet. And hosting an event in coastal Virginia, we recommend offering your guests a taste of the local catch.

Seafood is a big part of the food scene in Virginia Beach, so offering fresh catch fish bites, oysters on the half shell, and / or shrimp cocktail is a guaranteed hit. Not to mention, you avoid fried food by offering shellfish, so your guests leave cocktail hour feeling healthy & ready for dinner.


As for drinks, consider a signature drink that ties in something about you & your fiancé – like your favorite cocktail to make at home or order at a restaurant. We have recommendations, but we can always customize our bar menu so that it incorporates your favorites.



Whether you’re offering a single plated entrée, dual plated entrée, 2 entrée buffet or our stations package, we recommend incorporating a mix of entrees from both the land & sea. For chicken & beef, you can’t go wrong with our flank steak, petit filet mignon or chicken Lynette. From the sea, we recommend our crab stuffed flounder, crab cake station, or grilled salmon. (BRB while we wipe the drool off our face)


As for drinks… just keep the beverages flowing! Whether you’re offering beer & wine bar or a full open bar, know that your guests will be happy & grateful. If you have a heavy drinking crowd, consider customizing frosted cups so that they don’t break glasses when they’ve had too much to drink. Trust us, it will help a lot of the ladies who end up taking their heels off after dinner.  

End of Reception


Late night snacks are always fun! Pretzel bites, pizza, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks… you name it! We’ve had a client who added donut favors to grab on the way. And we’ve had a client who had chipotle burritos & chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches for their guests to enjoy on their way out. Either way, the guests were overjoyed with the surprise on their way out.


Bubbly or spiked coffee drinks will always be a crowd pleaser – regardless of the time of day. We recently added espresso martini shooters to our menu, and it’s been a huge hit for guests to enjoy as the night is coming to end. But we also love the idea of passing something like Morning Recovery so that your guests can feel better the next morning! We can order things like this for you!

For any questions about our menu offerings, please contact your sales manager or click here to check out our online menus.