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Top 5 Reasons you NEED a Wedding Coordinator

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Lesner Inn is, should I hire a wedding coordinator? No matter if we are meeting with someone who’s a professional bridesmaid, has a well-organized maid of honor, or is even a wedding coordinator themselves the answer will always be YES!! A wedding coordinator, who isn’t on your guest list, will make your wedding day 100% stress free. We’re here to tell you why you absolutely need a wedding coordinator for the day of your wedding!

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1. Read between the lines
A wedding coordinator, not to be confused with a planner, will ensure that everything you have planned and prepared for your wedding day is executed perfectly from start to finish. This means coordinating with each of your vendors to ensure that they are providing exactly what you were expecting. They will make sure that all of your vendors have a full understanding of the vision of your wedding and that they work together to accomplish it!

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2. Getting down the aisle
The hours before the ceremony can be extremely chaotic at times. Between getting any late guests to take their seats, rounding up family members for the processional, and making sure not to spoil the first look between you and your fiancé there is a lot to take care of! These tasks should be designated to a professional wedding coordinator that will be present up until you walk down the aisle.

3. What if?
Something that we can safely say will haunt any couple before their wedding day are the endless “what if” scenarios. What if the cake doesn’t show up? What if my DJ goes missing? What if my bustle breaks? The scenarios are endless. Your wedding coordinator not only takes the necessary steps to prevent any of these scenarios from happening, but will go to any lengths necessary to fix them if they do!

4. You’re not wearing a watch
One of the things we can guarantee that you won’t be doing on your wedding day is keeping track of the time. That’s where your coordinator comes in. Your wedding coordinator will make sure that you are staying on schedule, so that you have enough time to hit the dance floor with your besties on your wedding day!

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5. Set up and break-down
Probably one of the most tedious tasks on your wedding day is setting up and breaking down décor. One of the greatest things about a wedding coordinator is that they take care of this for you! At the end of the night, your coordinator will bring everything to a designated vehicle so all you have to worry about is getting it home!

We’ve seen so many couples boast about how organized they are and how many weddings they’ve been involved in, but no matter how true this may be we will never stop recommending hiring a wedding coordinator. No bride or groom wants to be responsible for the “what if” scenarios on their wedding day, and they shouldn’t have to be! A wedding coordinator is a small price to pay for a very necessary service.


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To learn more about Lesner Inn’s coordination services, contact us at info@lesnerinn.com or 757-481-1122.

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