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It’s Time to Make Your 2023 Wedding Planning Resolutions!

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The New Year brings forth changes and resolutions. It is time to reflect on 2022 and start fresh! Wedding planning is stressful, so why not start by making some new year’s resolutions geared toward planning the wedding of your dreams?

Here at Lesner Inn, we have done some reflection for ourselves, and we wanted to share with you some wedding planning resolutions that can help make your wedding planning less stressful, and way more enjoyable!

I Will Create a Budget…and Stick to It!

Let’s face it. Planning the wedding of your dreams can be EXPENSIVE. Extras and add-ons during the wedding planning process add up! If you aren’t careful, your carefully curated wedding budget because just a suggestion. Sticking to a wedding budget you are comfortable with will keep you from beginning your marriage with unnecessary debt. Budget the three most important wedding expenses first (i.e., food, beverages, dress, florals, linens, favors, etc.) and then play with the money leftover! Need help budgeting but want to do it yourself? We LOVE the options that Etsy has for customizable paper (and digital!) wedding budgeting spreadsheets! Check them out here.

I Will Ask for Help When I Need It!

Wedding planning is hard! It is time consuming, and requires a lot of attention, focus, and time! Even if you enjoy every moment of it, remember, it is still a lot to do alone. Lean on friends, family members, and your vendors for help! One option is to hire help. Whether that help be just a day of coordinator, a wedding designer, or a full-blown wedding planner, the options for help are endless! If booking with the Lesner Inn for your wedding venue, check out the coordination options we offer!

I Will NOT Compare, and Definitely Not Compete!

The movie “Wedding Wars,” may be fiction, but its basis may not be entirely fiction. Bride envy is a real (and curable!) thing. This is one of the hardest resolutions we came up with, and one that takes some effort. It is easy to take a look at your friends’ weddings, or the weddings you see on social media and think “man I wish I had that” or “aw I wish I thought of that first!” Of course, you want to impress your guests and make sure they have a fantastic time, but you can do that without comparing and competing with other brides! Your wedding day is supposed to represent how you and your fiancé celebrate your love, and that is no comparison or competition in that! There is no competition or comparision to the love you and your fiance share and the way you choose to celebrate.


Depending on how you work in high-stress situations, this may be the hardest wedding planning resolution for you. Have FUN with planning the wedding! This is such a special and momentous time in your life. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, take a moment to remember the outcome: you are marrying the love of your life and will have one of the best days of your life! If you need a break, take that break and do something fun. Below you will see our gallery of couples who made it through the wedding planning process and in the end, celebrated (freely!) the best night of their life!