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Finding Your Wedding Bakery

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Wondering where to begin when it comes to finding your wedding baker? Here’s a quick overview to get you thinking!

Photo: Cynthia Tenney Photography


First things first, set a budget. You want to be sure of how much you are wanting to spend on your cake or desserts. Not only will your overall wedding budget thank you but you’ll be able to narrow down bakeries based off their estimates. This will also help you in deciding if you want to do a tiered cake, sheet cake, cupcakes, a small cake to cut and cupcakes for everyone else, etc.


Once you’ve set a budget the fun begins! If you haven’t already, then create a pinterest board of ideas, colors, shapes and everything you like about cakes, cupcakes, etc. This will help you with inspiration and can also be utilized to show your baker images and ideas of what you’re looking for. If you’re doing a tiered or sheet cake, then think about all the designs you’d like to add, such as flowers, shells or if you’re doing cupcakes do you want to offer different flavors? Not sure about your style, don’t worry! A good baker will be able to give you some ideas that fit your budget!


Photo: Dragon Photography Studio

Personal Recommendation

Once you have a budget and about two to three styles in mind go ahead and ask your friends, family, and venue if they have any bakery recommendations. Many times your wedding venue may have a vendor list of vendors who give discounts for hosting your wedding with them. For example, the Lesner Inn has partnered with Gigi’s Cupcakes, where our couples will receive a 10% discount from Gigi’s.  Your friends and family members may also know of some great bakers and bakeries around the area you may be interested in! Once you have a few bakeries go ahead and read some of their reviews to get some insight from previous clients!


Hope you have a sweet tooth! Once you have about three bakeries in mind go ahead and make an appointment for a tasting. Let them know about your budget, style, estimated guest count and most importantly your wedding date and time as you want to make sure they are available for your wedding day.