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Feature Friday: Gigi’s Cupcakes – Virginia Beach

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Need some inspiration and information when it comes to Cake and desserts for your wedding day? Who better to ask than the decorators of Gigi’s cupcakes!

Tell us a bit about you and Gigi’s Cupcakes Virginia Beach. How did you get started and why?

I grew up baking with my family and have always had a passion for it. When I started studying cake decorating, I was really drawn to the artistic aspect of it.  When I visited my first Gigi’s Cupcakes I instantly felt at home.  Gigi’s Cupcakes is such a unique franchise because we have the freedom to be very creative in the kitchen.

Where do you get inspiration for all these amazing creations and flavors?

All of our recipes come from a team of incredibly talented cake decorators and bakers.  Some of them have been passed down from generation to generation and others are inspired by flavor trends or our client’s requests. The most fun part of my job is getting to collaborate with so many talented culinary artists to make our customer’s cake dreams come true.

Other than cupcakes, what else does Gigi’s Cupcakes Virginia Beach offer for weddings?

Other than cupcakes, we offer tiered wedding cakes, cheesecakes, customized cookies, and cake toppers.  We are able to print on icing paper, so we can customize our products with monograms or anything else a couple can think up.

What are some wedding trends you have seen when it comes to desserts?

Creativity!  When I first opened Gigi’s Cupcakes we were always doing very traditional white buttercream wedding cakes, but in the past years we have done everything from hand-painted pink fondant to a baseball field wedding cake.

What advice do you have for couples who still don’t know how they want their wedding cake/dessert to look like? Or what their topper should look like?

Book a free tasting at Gigi’s Cupcakes!  We have a really talented staff with lots of ideas and once you try the cake flavors and look through our wedding books you start to narrow down what you like.  Also, a big trend right now is to have a cupcake tower.  Cupcake towers include a cutting cake so you do not lose the cake-cutting portion of your reception, but you are serving cupcakes so you can offer variety of cupcake sizes and flavors for your guests.

When it comes to couples who don’t really have a sweet tooth what other options do you offer or do you have some ideas when it comes to the dessert portion of their wedding?

We usually find that couples that do not like sweets are expecting our desserts to have overly sweet icing or the cake to be really rich.  At Gigi’s Cupcakes we have such a wide variety of cupcake flavors that we always find one that suits them.  For example our most popular flavor of groom’s cake is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is a great cake/cookie crossover.

What is the best timeline for couples when it comes to appointments? When should they do tastings, create the design, etc?

I would say it’s never too early to make an appointment.  We have had couples book their wedding cake the week they got engaged.  I suggest having a tasting at least four months before your wedding to insure we are not booked on your wedding date.

What advice do you have for couple’s still looking for their baker?

You have to trust your baker.  Make sure you get a good feel for the store, the staff, and their previous work.  Is their work on social media consistently good?  Do they seem like they would go above and beyond for their customers?  There are a lot of moving parts on your wedding day and you need to trust that your cake decorator can be flexible and reliable.

What is the best way for couple’s to get in contact with you for more information?

Couples can call us (757) 491-3030, visit our website, or email us to set up a free wedding tasting!