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Choosing the Right Seating Plan for Your Wedding Reception

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It’s safe to say that no one is ever truly prepared for the stresses that come from planning a wedding. Even some of the seemingly simple decisions will require extra care when you and your fiancé are planning. One thing that you should designate a lot of time to is your guests’ seating arrangement. Before creating your floor plan, figure out which type of seating arrangement will work best for you, your guests, and your reception.

Assigning Guests to a Specific Seat

This is the most formal seating chart that will also take the most time on your part. This arrangement works best if you’re inviting a lot of people from very different groups! You know your guests best, and assigning your guests to specific seats allows you to sit people with common interests next to each other. It will also guarantee that couples and families won’t be split up. This type of plan also gives you the opportunity to keep people separated who may not get along. To let your guests know where to sit, create a seating chart, so guests can find the right table where their place card sits!

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Assigning Guests to a Table

This is the most common seating arrangement we’ve seen at Lesner Inn. Assigning your guests to specific tables will guarantee that parties and couples won’t be split up, reducing guest anxiety! This also allows you to place people who are like-minded together. You are able to create group tables for your family members, your friend group from college, your coworkers, and everyone who attends your wedding. Set up place cards with table numbers written on them or a seating chart to let guests know what table they’re assigned! This option is also great for allowing guests to sit next to whomever they want at their table.

No Seating Chart

Letting your guests have free reign on picking their seats can be great, but there are some things to keep in mind when you decide to nix the seating chart! You should reserve a table or two for you and your fiancé’s families. Parents and grandparents want to be seated close to you, so they can see everything that’s going on throughout the night! Also, add extra seats to your seating plan. This will help to make sure parties and couples don’t get split up for dinner, when there’s only one seat here and there throughout the room. Keep in mind; if you want to have a plated meal, you have to have a seating chart designating which guests are at which table so we can deliver the correct meal to them!

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Ultimately, you want your guests to feel comfortable with who they’re sitting with at dinner. Your tables should encourage conversation throughout the night between your guests. Knowing your guests and the relationships they have with one another will help you decide which type of seating arrangement is perfect for your wedding reception!

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