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10 Things Guests Should Never Do at a Wedding

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As a guest, your job is easy-shmeasy. You show up at the ceremony & reception, you send your best wishes to the happy couple, and you enjoy all of the food, alcohol & music. You really don’t have to do anything else, unless you’re specifically asked to participate in another way. That being said, there are number of things you should NEVER do at a wedding:

  • Show up late to the ceremony: The bride and groom have spent a lot of their time & money planning their special day, and the least you can do is show up on time (especially those of you who received the invitations at least 8 weeks out, so have had ample time to plan). If you know you will be running late, we would recommend waiting until the ceremony is over so you don’t interrupt vows.
  • Wear White: A big NO, NO! Don’t even think about wearing white! Only the bride should be in white!
  • Change your seat assignments: This really throws everyone for a loop – the bridal party, the venue managers, the wedding planners, & the catering staff. Just don’t do it. If you have to, let the wedding planner and venue manager know so we can properly set you up at another table and make sure you get the food you ordered.
  • Change your dinner order / notify us of an allergy at the last minute: If you have the wrong dinner order, please let us know, we’ll be happy to accommodate. But please don’t change your order on us last minute. The bride & groom request this information months in advance for a reason.
  • Drink like it’s the first open bar you’ve ever been to: You definitely don’t want to be THAT guy / girl…
  • Hassle the bartender after last-call: Okay, you’ve had at least 3 hours of eating, drinking & dancing. No need to fret just because it’s last call. Go grab one more drink (when they announce last call) and call it a night. Don’t continue to bother the bartender 20 minutes after last call. We are required to stop serving alcohol within the last half hour of any event.
  • Wedding Crash: Wedding Crashers’ Rule #8: Be the life of the party. (THE PARTY YOU WERE INVITED TO). At Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach, we can host two events at once, but that doesn’t mean you’re invited to both events. Each event is private, so please respect that.
  • Vandalize property: DUH!
  • Refuse to leave after party is over: The fun has to end at some point. Please respect the wedding planner, the venue managers & staff and say your goodbyes to the newlyweds and move to the next stop (whether it be an after-party or home).
  • Steal centerpieces or décor: On your way out – DO NOT steal anything! The bride & groom, and their families, have spent a lot on making their day special – and this includes all of the little details. Unless the bride & groom give you permission to take centerpieces or decorative items home, then leave them.