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DIY Donut Wall

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The ladies at Lesner Inn stepped away from our desks and picked up a tool belt for a day with this fun DIY donut wall! With one crafty manager and another mathlete, we proved that two heads are better than one. This adorable donut display wall is for rent now at Lesner Inn! Stay tuned to watch the progression of this project.


We started by sanding the plywood & wooden dowels that were cut to size for us at Lowe’s.  We decided to go with a 5′ x 3′ wall so that it can be set on a table, & 5″ long dowels so we could easily fit 2-3 donuts per peg.


The next step was staining the sanded wood.  We chose an espresso finish that we think turned out great!


After everything was stained, we did two coats, we packed everything away to dry properly & got ready for the final steps.


A lot of the tutorials that we found online said to use hot glue to put the pegs on the wall, but we’re perfectionists & chose to place wood screws through the back for a more durable option.  We perfectly measured the distance between each peg, drilled holes into the pegs so we could screw them in, & then screwed them in halfway to prepare for the polyurethane finish.


We went with clear satin so that the wall didn’t lose it’s natural wooden look.


After the donut wall was done it was time to bring in one of our talented staff members, who provides calligraphy services on the side, Michelle.  Check out her work for Zens Pens below & send her an email at if you’re interested in having calligraphy done for your wedding/event.



We’re extremely proud of how this DIY project came out, & hope you all like it!  Donuts are a great alternative wedding cake & even make great wedding favors!

If you’re a Lesner Inn couple & would like to use this awesome wall for your wedding or event don’t forget to contact us at or by phone at 757-481-1122.