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Wedding Reception Amusement

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When thinking of a wedding reception, what usually comes to mind is music and lots of dancing! Guests rarely expect the unexpected, so why not be the first to show them something truly unique at your wedding reception? Over time we have seen some pretty creative entertainment ideas that keeps not only your guests on your toes, but your vendors as well! Here are just a few of our favorites from past events.

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1. Cocktail Hour Amusement
There’s no better time to set the mood of the reception than during cocktail hour! Cocktail hour can leave your guests standing around waiting for the excitement to start. So, while you’re off with your new spouse taking sunset pictures on the water, entertain your guests with a professional performer. You could bring in professional performers like belly, flamenco, or fire dancers, which would set the roof on fire for your event! Your fire dancers would have to keep their talents outside though, we don’t literally want to set the roof on fire!If you’re setting more of a romantic mood for your event, you could even have a string quartet, harpist, or violinist perform and amaze your guests! Starting the night off with something unexpected will definitely keep your guests guessing what’s next!

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2. Karaoke
Another great activity that will surely make your guests remember your reception would be having a karaoke machine! Not only is this a great activity to keep your guests laughing and entertained, but it’s also a great way to make sure everyone is interacting with one another. Sometimes your guests can feel a bit weird cutting a rug, but who doesn’t love karaoke! Grab a friend and belt your favorite song from the latest and greatest hits, or the most classic oldies! You wild newlyweds could even plan to do a funny karaoke duet, which would definitely be unforgettable for your guests!

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3. Games

Offering games during your reception is a great way to keep some of your older guests, or anyone who doesn’t dance, entertained. All of the classic games that we played growing up like connect four, jenga, and chess have been recreated into over sized versions and are such a fun and unique way to keep your guests entertained! Then of course there is the ever popular corn hole, which can never be overdone!The options of games to have at your wedding are endless, so have fun and pick something that you know your guests would love!

4. Caricature Artists

Hiring a caricature artist is another activity that would be a hit during your reception! It’s similar to a photo booth, but this picture won’t get lost under the mounds of photo strips your guests have stashed from previous weddings!

Whether you want your guests to be entertained by professionals, or for your guests to pretend to BE the professionals, the possibilities of entertainment to surprise your guests are never-ending! We would love to hear some of your favorite reception entertainment ideas that you have seen, or have even had at your own wedding!

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