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March Weddings

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You know you’re in Virginia Beach when it’s not strange to be out and about in shorts and flip flops because the temperature has made it over 50 degrees.  The anticipation of warmer weather is just too much to resist. It’s no secret that we all love the warmer months, and March is the perfect time to make that transition away from the cold. With temperatures rising, spirits lifting, and excitement rising, March may just be the perfect month to plan your wedding for. I can tell you’re a bit skeptical, so here are a few of my top reasons 😉

  • $avings! As we transition away from the cold months, March is still considered “off-peak” for most venues and vendors. This will typically boast an overall discount of 20% for you entire wedding.
  • Day Light Savings: The recent switch in time will allow for a bit more daylight on your special day. That means more time for your ceremony and beautiful sunset pictures.
  • The more the merrier! Just as this time frame is off-peak for your vendors, it will likely be off-peak for your guests and their work schedules. This will hopefully allow for them to take vacation and have an awesome time at your wedding!
  • No sweating. Although a Summer wedding has it’s upsides, their notorious for overheated guests and sweat spots on your fancy wedding clothes. There’s always somewhere to cool off during a March wedding.
  • Color options are endless this time of year. While we transition from the cool colors of winter and move into the softer pastels of spring, you’re left with a palette of color combinations to please any and everyone.
  • While there’s a nice chill in the air, the sun is out & the flowers are blooming. It won’t be unbearable to take your wedding photos outside. So even at The Lesner Inn, you’ll get to enjoy our beautiful view of the Lynnhaven River – and show it off through your wedding photographs.
  • Daisies, peonies, tulips, & roses are the IN-FLOWERS in March.
  • A March wedding lends itself to a very versatile decorating ideas, allowing you to create a very unique wedding.

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