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Let’s Talk About Unique Wedding Exits for 2023

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First impressions are great, but let’s talk about last impressions! Having a unique wedding exit/sendoff gives your guests one last awesome detail to remember from your wedding day! We’ve complied a few fan-favorite wedding exit ideas to help you decide what works best for your vibe!! Photographer from above photograph: Jen Torres Photography

Bubbles Exit

Relive those childhood days with this quick, easy, and inexpensive wedding exit! Bubbles are so fun and so easy. Additionally, they also make for amazing photos! Just give your guests little containers of bubbles (amazon has a great one linked Here!) and BAM, let them do all the magic!

Getaway Car

Another suuuuper popular choice is a vintage getaway car or limo like the ones seen above. So elegant and so practical, the getaway car also gives you are you new husband (or wife) some private time alone on the way to the after party!! Besides, who wouldn’t want to drive off in a fancy vehicle?

Getaway Boat

Similar to the getaway car; a getaway boat! Designed for wedding venues on the water (like The Lesner Inn!), this is SUCH a crowd pleaser! Better yet, have someone decorate the boat with a fun neon sign for some instant photo magic! If you don’t know someone with a boat, we recommend reaching out to some local boat or fishing boat charter companies. We may be biased, but we LOVE this one.


Streamers are another fun and crafty idea for your wedding exit! These are super easy and inexpensive to DIY and/or purchase. If you choose to DIY, you can easily add a personal touch by using your wedding colors! These pair well with both daytime and nighttime events. Streamers are a fun (and less dangerous!) choice than sparklers.

Glow Sticks

Another alternative to sparklers is glow sticks! Glow sticks are super inexpensive and very easy to find. Make sure to let your photographer know if this is the route you are going for your wedding exit; glow sticks tend to be hard to photograph! Still, such a fun exit idea!


What a fun and unique wedding exit alternative! So cute and eco-friendly. Furthermore, this exit requires zero to no clean up and is super easy to maintain. This type of send-off is easily photographed.


The MOST popular wedding exit idea by a long shot! Make sure you are buying the long sparklers that last about 2 minutes. Otherwise, your sparklers will burn out before you begin your exit!!! We see this type of wedding exit pretty much every weekend. Besides, who doesn’t like running through a tunnel of fire?