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Is a Second Reception Dress Necessary For You?

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Undoubtedly, wedding trends are CONSTANTLY evolving. Brides are looking for a more one-of-a-kind wedding experience, giving guests an evening to remember; bridal gown styles included! Why limit yourself to one style? Especially, if you are not a one-style only gal! A second “reception dress” is a popular choice for a bride who wants to showcase a second style not incorporated in her first wedding dress. This can be a fun, and also logical option for you. Let’s be real. If you have a large ballgown-style wedding dress, that thing can carry some weight! Importantly, it may be more logical for an outfit change to tear up that dance floor in a little less fabric!

Now hear me out: it is TOTALLY up to you if you want to wear your wedding dress all night, or if you prefer an outfit change! Here at The Lesner Inn, we’ve seen it done both ways! All we are here to do is give you some factors to consider when deciding if a dress change is the right move for you at your wedding.

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Do you have wiggle room if your wedding budget to purchase a second outfit? If you’re struggling to rationalize spending a ton of money on one wedding dress, you might struggle to find justification to pay for a second outfit. Although the second outfit may cost significantly less than your wedding dress, it is still another wedding cost to consider!

Timing and Functionality

How flexible is your wedding day timeline? If your reception is only 2-3 hours, your timeline may be very strict, so consider the timing you have. Unbuttoning and unlacing your wedding dress very carefully will take some time. You might also be doing hair and makeup touch ups as well!

If you are going to change after the ceremony and during cocktail hour, you’ll want to change into something flowy with a “wow” appeal and twirl-ability for your first dance. If changing after dinner and your first dance, maybe go for something that functions better for dance floor and after-party vibes.

Three of Our Favorite Reception Dress Styles

1.) The Set

This style is for those who want to get DOWN on that dance floor. This outfit adds a wow appeal and unlike a long & heavy gown, is made to keep you going all night long. Two-piece sets are totally modern, with a chic feel. Also, whether you are a casual, semi-formal, or formal type of bride, a two-piece set can be chosen for any of these styles.

2.) The Evening Gown

On the other hand, this style is for a more formal, black-tie wedding where elegance is important to you. An evening gown is a classic way to add another jaw-dropping “wow” along with your original wedding gown. In addition, the classic evening gown is made for those fantasy-moment dress twirls all night.

3.) The Slip Dress

Alternatively, the slip dress is made to completely switch up the style from your wedding dress. If you opted for a large ballgown-style wedding gown, go for something sleek and more form fitting! Made for those fashionista brides who truly want to incorporate multiple lively styles into their wedding apparel.

Without a doubt, once you have weighed the pros and cons of a reception dress change, there is only one question that remains! Will you rock your wedding gown all night, or will you change into a second reception dress after saying “I do”?