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Including your Furry Friend on your Special Day

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We all love and adore our children with four legs, or maybe two wings, or even some scaley skin. Whatever kind of pet you love and cherish; we know they have a special place in your heart and you might want to have them a part of your big day. We absolutely LOVE when animals are incorporated in weddings at Lesner Inn! Here are examples of a few ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding day.

Ceremony, Getting Ready, or Engagement Photos

Giving your pet an integral part of your ceremony or reception may be too much to coordinate and handle, so having them pop in for some photos might be your best option. And, we love the idea of having your fur baby in your getting ready pictures, especially if your venue is unable to accommodate pets for the entire Ceremony and Reception. Engagement portraits are another great way to show your off your special connection and remember that moment forever.

Take Home Favors

Maybe having your pet present at you wedding isn’t feasible, like when having a destination wedding, or when your venue can’t accommodate your pup for your entire reception. You can still include them in your big day and show your appreciation for them by having party favors in their name for your guests. In fact, one of our favorite party favors we’ve seen are take home dog treats.

Specialty Décor

We have also seen some people include their dogs’ names and faces on custom cocktail napkins or drink-ware, like a specialty drink sign located at the bar. This adds SUCH a cute and personal touch that everyone can admire! Lastly, we recommend including your furry friend in your cake topper. This added such a sweet and unique touch to the traditional cake topper.

Ceremony Processional

If know you want your pup at your ceremony but maybe don’t know to integrate them properly, having them walk you down the aisle towards the altar or as you’re exiting as a couple your pup could guide you. Having these moments captured forever will warm your heart knowing your furry friend was a part of your special day.

You want your wedding day to showcase who and what you truly care about. Being able to look back on your special day and see that you were able to include your pet will be something you’ll always be grateful for.

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