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Highlighting the Summer Season with Wedding Songs

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In Hampton Roads, the weather is heating up and has NO plan to chill out! The sun is always shining, and the water is the only way to cool off; That means SUMMER wedding season is upon us! Make sure to read this article to ensure your wedding is a HOT success and incorporating all of the best summer tunes.

Throughout this summer season, The Lesner Inn has had countless weddings each weekend, and we want to highlight the top hits we have seen circulating!

Walking Down the Aisle with poise:

When deciding on the song to walk down the aisle, we recommend something classic, but remastered. The newest trend is taking a well-known song and having the instrumental version as you glide down the aisle towards the love of your life.

These have been some of our favorites this season:

“Turning Page” Ryan O’ Neal

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” Kacey Musgraves

“Cannon in D Major” Johann Pachelbel

“Claire De Lune” Debussy

Cocktail Hour and Bridal Party Entrances

When cocktail hour begins, the drinks are flowing, and appetizers are served hot! The guests finally have time to catch up while the bride and groom snap those last-minute pictures! Songs related to love are a no brainer but having that light summer vibe is a must! This is why we recommend “Lucky,” by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat. It has a summer vibe and is appropriate for any guests of any age.

We have also seen the trend of reggae songs being played during cocktail hour. Reggae is relaxing and usually listened to during the summer. It allows noise to be incorporated into the atmosphere in a beautiful way. Having well-known but not over-played music is key for any event, especially a wedding. Having music allows the event to transition smoothly and expel any boredom a guest could have. The bridal party will need time to take those gorgeous pictures and incorporating different music genres keeps the event lively.

During bridal party entrances we have been hearing “This Will Be (An Evererlasting Love)” by Natile Cole. Everyone knows this classic joyful song! It makes people wanna get up an dance and have a great time. This song is sure to make a hit and make you summer wedding super memorable.

Reception Songs That Set the Mood

For cutting the cake its fun to have “Sugar”, by Maroon 5 playing! This song is upbeat and keeps the crowd going. It is important to have a fun song so after cake cutting people wanna get right up on the dance floor! We think having a song that can transition into a dance-floor moment will ensure your crowd gets up and busts a move!

Some other songs that will totally be a hit at your summer soiree:

“Pepas” by Farruko

“Angel eyes” by ABBA

“The kind of love we make” by Luke Combs

A collection of cheery music allows your day to feel like a fun summer party! The warm weather and good times with the right music will make your event memorable for the rest of your life! The people you love and care about will be able to dance the day or night away and ensure your wedding will be the highlight of the season! When the sun sets on this spectacular day these songs will provide the fuel you need to celebrate your bash!