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Looking at venues can be a long and painful process. There are so many places in the Hampton Roads area to choose from, and each offers unique services. Obviously, you don’t want to have to drive all over the city exploring every possible venue. So, how do you search numerous venues without driving all over Hampton Roads, and narrow it down to just one perfect venue?image2.PNG

One social media account we are constantly updating is our Instagram account, @lesnerinn. Through our Instagram, you can get a better idea of the breathtaking views and functionality of the spaces we have to offer. Also, you can catch a glimpse of our favorite wedding moments, like first look shots or how they’ve decorated our venue. By following us, you will also be able to get weekly advice on how to ensure that your big day runs smoothly with our “Tip Tuesday” posts. Every Tuesday, we post a helpful tidbit, that we’ve learned through the countless weddings we’ve image1 (3)hosted, about how to enhance your special day.

Now maybe you want a behind the scenes look at the Lesner Inn?Thankfully, we live in a world where everything is posted, hash-tagged, geo-tagged, and shared for the world to see. Yes, checking out our Instagram account is a great way to see what our venue has to offer, but an even better way to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have your wedding at the Lesner Inn is looking through our geo-tagged photos. This offers those special pictures of the groom with his groomsmen before the wedding, the ring bearer breaking it down on the dance floor, and the guests enjoying drinks on our beautiful decks.

Check out the beautiful décor, fun times on the dance floor, special moments between brides and their grooms, breath-taking views from our deck, and more by following us on Instagram!