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Feature Friday: Long Board Charcuterie

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Who doesn’t love a good cheese board? Katie at Long Board Charcuterie is a local Virginia Beach small business owner that knows how to create the perfect board for any pre-ceremony event!

Tell us a bit about you and Longboard Charcuterie. How did you get started and why?

Long Board Charcuterie started from a love of creating charcuterie boards and an attempt at making Virginia Beach feel like home. Moving from Raleigh and unfamiliar with the area I tried to think of ways to plant my roots in the community. I have been making charcuterie boards for years now for family and friends for gatherings and decided to extend that offering to the public! Charcuterie Boards to me are more than just a delicious centerpiece for an event but more of a symbol of gathering, giving them a special place in my heart. I wanted to be able to give the community of Virginia Beach that same experience.  What started as a hobby and a way to get to know my new home of Virginia Beach turned into a passion and full time job of keeping Virginia Beach cheesy.

Where do you get inspiration for all these amazing boards and flavor guide?

Inspiration comes from everywhere! I love to incorporate seasonal flavors and play into customers personal preferences as my goal is to create the perfect board for my customer. This is why all boards are customizable, I am here to create something you love but always give my suggestions and pairings!

How would you describe your boards and what can people expect?

I would describe my boards as an edible centerpiece. My goal at Long Board Charcuterie is to create something that is as delicious as it is beautiful. I want you to be able to display these at your event with pride, as it adds beauty to the event while also providing a delicious graze to your guests.

What are some trends you see happening with charcuterie boards?

Charcuterie Boards coming in all shapes in size. With all things going on in the world right now surrounding COVID, there has been a shift from large grazing tables to individual charcuterie boards. This was the idea behind the Boogie Board, an individual graze option at Long Board Charcuterie. Providing beautiful food and peace of mind in these crazy times!

How can clients contact you for further information?

You can connect with me on my website at longboardcharcuterie.com, email longboardcharcuterie@gmail.com, or cell at (919)815-1134!

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