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Favorite Favors

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While you’re not exactly expected to present favors at your wedding, doing so can be a nice way to say thank you to all of your guests for attending. Here at the Lesner Inn we’ve seen all types of favors ranging from sweet treats to kind mementos. What you choose to do is entirely up to you, but here are some of our favorite favors from 2015!


  • If you’re familiar with Duck Donuts, then you understand why donuts are at the top of our list. Create a crafty display of all sorts of donuts for your guests to take home and enjoy after the festivities are over. Check out this display from a wedding we hosted last weekend!


Candy Bar

  • Who doesn’t love candy? Whether it’s chocolate, sour gummies, lollipops, or anything else you can think of your guests will love a bag of sweet treats to go! Check out this awesome candy bar from earlier this year!



  • Okay we get it, we LOVE sweets! But how cute is this s’mores display?


Inscribed Cups

  • You can never really have too many cups! Why not give your guests a gift that will remind them of your big night every time they’re sippin on the drink of their choice!



  • I know succulents sound like an odd thing to be trending, but check out Pinterest and see just how many weddings feature succulents in their bouquets, center pieces, and even as favors. Check out this adorable little favor from the other weekend!


When choosing your wedding favors, just remember they don’t have to be some extravagant gift that your guests will keep forever. Keep it simple and just show them how much their presence meant to you!

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