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Everything you want to know about your Wedding Florals & The Wandering Petal

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Florals by The Wandering Petal | Photography by Cat Deline | Venue The Lesner Inn

This month we had the honor of interviewing one of our favorite preferred wedding vendors (& the it florist of Virginia Beach) – The Wandering Petal. If you don’t know Nicole, stop everything you’re doing & go to her floral & home boutique on Laskin Road. It won’t take you long to learn how talented she is & how much joy she gets from designing a space – especially with florals.

Seasonal Florals & Annual Trends

What can you tell us about florals in season?!


Look for a variety of tulips. French, double bloom and parrot tulips! All so gorgeous. Also, ranunculus are at their peak in the spring!


Peonies in early summer are always a favorite! That’s when they show off their biggest and fluffiest blooms! 


Dahlias!!! Late summer and early fall these are another showstopper!


Cut amaryllis! So many colors! They elevate any design!!!

Florals by The Wandering Petal | Photography Cat Deline | Venue Lesner Inn
Florals by The Wandering Petal | Photography Cat Deline | Venue Lesner Inn
Florals by The Wandering Petal | Photography Cat Deline | Venue Lesner Inn

What florals would you recommend for clients who wanted to incorporate the 2023 Pantone color of the year (viva magenta)?

As far as the Pantone color Magenta, I would stay mono chromatic. Don’t incorporate too many other colors. Celebrate the pink tones and stick with those!

What were your favorite florals of 2022?

Favorite flower of 2022 has to be the ranunculus. Butterfly, clooney, or your basic ranunculus. All are just GORGEOUS!

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Honestly, 2023 is my year to dive into more workshops, being more present at my flower shop and choosing what weddings excite me most! The past 2 years were a grind and I’m ready to not be so stressed out!

What are some of your favorite installations?

Hanging florals!!! I did an install in 2021 that was 1500 white tulips upside down. Still one of my favorites!

The Wandering Petal partnered with Stage Right Lighting in September of 2021 at The Lesner Inn, and installed this beautiful hanging floral hoop with tons of greenery & colorful roses | Photography by Cat Deline

Centerpiece guide: short, tall, florals only, floral/décor combos, etc.

I think a mix of highs and lows are a bit old fashion. I would suggest all low centerpieces with lots of candles. And if your budget allows a fabulous ceiling install, do it & draw your eyes up!

What are arbor trends you saw last year / think you’ll see this year?

Lots of loose greenery and covering the entire arbor! As if you are in a secret garden! Large urn arrangements were popular as well! Looking to see more of that this year because they can be repurposed for the reception.

The Wandering Petal floral arch, September 2021 at The Lesner Inn | Photography by Cat Deline
The Wandering Petal floral arch on Paisley & Jade’s arch, Summer 2021 at The Lesner Inn | Photography by Cat Deline


Can you explain preserving your bridal bouquet to us?

I’m not so read in on bouquet preservation. My bouquet from 20 years ago was just dried and put in a plastic container. A lot has changed since then. I would suggest looking at social media to see what interests you most. There are people who press flowers and then frame them and flowers put into a type of resin and then formed into many shapes.

Fun alternatives to traditional bridal party bouquets?

Single stems are so pretty for bridesmaids! Especially if it’s a showstopper like a peony!

The Wandering Petal’s bridal bouquet, September 2021, The Lesner Inn
The Wandering Petal’s bridal bouquet, Winter 2021, The Lesner Inn
The Wandering Petal’s bridal bouquet, Summer 2021, The Lesner Inn

Wedding Florals Budget

What tips can you share with us on best ways to save on florals?

Forage greens from your yard as much as possible! That helps build a base for your arrangement and its free! Trader Joes sells the cheapest and freshest flowers town!

As far as wedding budgets go, if you’re trying to stick with a tight budget, think lots of greens and hydrangeas. Definitely the biggest bang for your buck!

How do you suggest they maximize their budgets?

Lots of greens and big fluffy hydrangeas! They can make a large impact with not a lot of money.

Consider incorporating fun vases with a single stem or two to save! The Wandering Petal did this for a Summer wedding & we were obsessed!
Another example by The Wandering Petal with a single stem & some candles to save on cost! She did this for a winter wedding & it was beautiful!

Why don’t we see roses as often as we used to?

Roses are a staple in floral design. Unfortunately, during the pandemic farms were forced to stop working and preparing for the next season. Therefore, prices went up. A lot of farms are still shorthanded decreasing the supply. Last year, 2022 was one of the largest wedding seasons we saw in decades. So, supply and demand have been a challenge for the rose industry.

What are the most expensive portions of the floral budget?

Installs take up a lot of the budget! Whether it’s an arbor, chuppah or a hanging install be ready to spend some serious money. Lots of preparation and labor go into an install, not just the flowers.

The Wandering Petal orchid installation at the 2020 Beach Ball hosted at The Lesner Inn | Photography by Dustin Lewis
The Wandering Petal orchid installation at the 2020 Beach Ball hosted at The Lesner Inn | Photography by Dustin Lewis

About The Wandering Petal

How would you define your aesthetic

English Garden Style! I LOVE loose airy design!

Do you provide other rentals?

I provide different options for candles, tapered, pillar and votives. I also rent out a few arbor options and of course containers for your centerpieces! If your florist doesn’t offer any additional rentals, check with your wedding venue & see what options they have.

How should a client best prepare for their meeting with you?

Have a budget in mind! Also, pictures! I’m a visual person. So, the more I see your vision the better I can execute it!

Before they book you, what should they know?

My ideal bride loves flowers and realizes the make a BIG difference in the overall aesthetic of the wedding. If you’re looking for a budget wedding and don’t think flowers are important, I’m probably not the florist for you.

What are your needs for the day of?

On the day of your wedding working with a day-of-coordinator is key! Timelines are everything! Ceremony start time, reception space completed for photos, when personals should be delivered, flat lay florals, and when the cake will arrive to decorate.

Any tipping insight?

Tips are tricky. Flowers are expensive. I think 20% is overkill. Maybe just something to treat the team for a celebratory glass of champagne or dinner!

Do you have a minimum? If so, how much is it?

My minimum is $5,000. As I said before, I am a true believer that flowers can transform a space. Think about your home, apartment, or condo. When you add a simple plant in a corner it brings like to the space same with flowers at a wedding!

What else do you want to share with us?

Enjoy planning your wedding!!! It should be enjoyable! Choose your team wisely! Remember, you get what you pay for! <3