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Everything to Know about our Preferred Vendor Whitecaps Film!

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Recently engaged and looking for a videographer? We have the perfect wedding vendor for you! Whitecaps Film is a local female-owned videography company that we here at The Lesner Inn work with frequently and LOVE!

About The Owner, Mel Workman

Whitecaps Film was founded on December 18th, 2018, by its founder, Mel Workman (pictured above). She graduated from Old Dominion University in 2016 with a degree in Communications and a focus in Media Studies. Creativity is her passion; she lives for telling stories and expressing her driven creativity through videography! When she isn’t shooting your wedding, you can find her at the beach with her fiancé, Justin, and her Golden Retriever puppy, Hunny, or planning her own wedding (this May 2023!).

About Whitecaps Film

There are 7 members of the Whitecaps Film team, but if you (or someone you know) have experience flying FPV drones, they are looking to add one more member to their amazing team! While they specialize in shooting weddings, they also film corporate events, special events & promotional videos. So they stay busy & they’re excited to continue to grow their team.

The owner, Mel, sat down with us to give us the tips and tricks behind her business and explains why hiring a professional and reputable videographer is so important.

“I always knew I wanted my business to have a coastal vibe, especially starting in Outer Banks. While flying my drone in Rodanthe, I was trying to brainstorm business names. It was my first time capturing an aerial shot of the ocean and I was obsessed with how clean it was, watching the whitecaps roll over from a new perspective on my RC. The way capturing that shot made me feel was indescribable, and I’ll never forget it.

“I often go back to that video when remembering my “why” for why I do what I do. Originally, I wanted my company to be called “Whitecap Films”, but I was bummed to find out it was already taken by a company in FL. So, I continued brainstorming, but nevertheless, I just kept coming back to Whitecaps. After talking to my parents, they noted there is never just one whitecap on the water anyway, so it could be plural. That was enough convincing for me! Thus, Whitecaps Film was born!”

Why was Whitecaps Film Created?

“I, along with the rest of my team members, have always been creative. Overjoyed is the best way to describe finally finding a way to express my creativity to serve others. I had already been videoing weddings about 2 years prior to starting a business, and you could just feel the buzz taking off from it. My clients were always overjoyed when I delivered their albums. It felt SO good to serve them with my God given talents, and not just doing a job that paid the bills.”

“There was something greater coming, and I knew it; Acquaintances I only met once or twice would speak that over me. With all those things paired with my faith in God + relentless work ethic, I knew I had to wholeheartedly commit to this life! The idea of creating my own videography company was coming to life.”

When & Why to Hire a Videographer

“You should hire a videographer around 8 months to a year before your wedding, especially if you have a popular wedding month like May, June, September, or October! Whitecaps Film typically can only be hired for around 8 weddings in busy months, so it is better to book ASAP!”

Why hire a videographer for your wedding?

“Plenty of reasons! Audio of your vows, speeches, movement, more coverage, drone shots, music, and the list goes on! With the way the world and social media is going, it seems that more people are interested in video. Photography is also necessary for print, to freeze a moment in time, etc. however, you get more with video. You will find that you can’t get enough of your wedding day after it’s all said and done, and videographers fulfill that because we are documenting every moment for you.”

What Advice Do You Have for Couples Hiring a Videographer?

“My best advice would be to go with a videographer that feels right. When you keep looking at one in particular, that’s ultimately the one you should choose. Also, it’s best to trust us after you hire us. We’re professionals; If you like our work, it’s for a good reason and we are going to take good care of you! We will give you direction and prompts to get the best shots. A shot list usually isn’t necessary unless it’s a couple things that you’ve never seen in our portfolio, but we are always open to new ideas and collaborating with our brides regardless!”

Interested in hiring Whitecaps Film as your videographer? Send an email to hello@whitecapsfilm.com or place an online inquiry here: Contact | Whitecaps Film | Virginia Beach! Have you already decided to book? Mention you’re a booked Lesner Inn Client, and Mel will have a surprise for you!

In need of a photographer too? Whitecaps Film Lead Videographer and Second Shooter, Maddy Humphrey has her own fantastic Photography company! Shoot her an inquiry here: Contact – Maddy Humphrey Photography

HAPPY ENGAGEMENT SEASON! We wish you the best in your planning process!

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