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Do You Need to Freeze the Top Tier of Your Cake?

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As a new bride, you’ve probably heard about all the fun wedding superstitions. There’s everything from the groom not seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle to making

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sure the bride has something old, new, borrowed and blue. Did you know there’s a common tradition that deals with your very own wedding cake?

When creating the beautiful dessert for all your guests to enjoy, it’s custom to save the top tier of the cake to eat one year after the wedding. This longstanding tradition started as a way to save money. Couples would save the top tier to use as the cake to celebrate the christening of their first child. Today, couples typically pull the cake from their freezer to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Whether it brings good luck to eat it on your anniversary or bad luck to eat it early, how do you keep the cake for a whole year in your freezer?

1.) The first option is to just not do it. Most bakeries will recreate the top tier for you for an added on fee when you buy your wedding cake or offer a reduced price if you contact them again a month before your anniversary. One of our brides purchased her cake from Twisted Sisters Cupcakes, and the cost of their cake includes a top tier cake to be picked up at their one year anniversary.

2.) Now, if you’re dedicated to saving the tier there are a couple of ways to keep it fresh. One way is to freeze the tier, unwrapped, until it’s frozen hard. Then, vacuum seal it, and place it back in the freezer until you’re ready to eat it.

3.) Another way to save it is to have a container ready at the reception. As soon as you can, place the container in a refrigerator. Once settled after your big day, wrap the container in tinfoil and place it in the freezer.

4.) If you don’t have a vacuum sealer or forgot the container, another things to do is wrap the cake in multiple layers of plastic wrap. Think about an unusually large amount of plastic wrap, and start there. Then, place it in a small box or container and store it in your freezer.

Whatever you want to do, let your event manager know, and we’ll help you the best we can. Whether it’s cutting the top tier for guests, or saving it for your one-year celebration, there’s always a way to have your cake and eat it too.

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