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Big Top Entertainment

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Let’s talk about Big Top Entertainment. If you don’t know who they are then you need to check them out! Big Top Entertainment truly lives up to their name & I can not imagine a more fun place to be!

While visiting Big Top with DeLine Photography & Noble Vue Media, we had the pleasure to meet the local business owners David & Julianne, who began Big Top as a small party retail shop. In fact, they love to say “We loved to party so we opened a party shop and we haven’t partied since” because of how much their small store reminiscent of a circus down to the painted tiger on the wall and free popcorn while you browed has GROWN into what it is today – a warehouse full of ideas surrounded by a people who have become one big family. Just step foot at Big Top and you automatically feel right at home! You may even spot some of their Big Top dogs, as each of their offices are fully equipped with state of the art dogs and puppies! Literally! Just visit their offices and you’ll find gates at each door with each of their dog’s name etched on the gate & their cute doggy faces staring back at you, ready for you to hand them a treat – makes you wonder who really runs their offices!

Photo: DeLine Photography

Although a lot has changed at Big Top they still pride themselves in their ability to adapt, find solutions & strive to NEVER say “never” & to always say “Yeah! We can do that!” And after 26 years in business and counting, Big Top Entertainment is a place that any event or wedding should check out because the ideas & designs they create are absolutely jaw-dropping! Not only will your creative side soar but you’ll also be in good hand with Alyssa Lampl, the Director of Weddings & Social Events! Just give her an idea and she’ll give you 20!

We absolutely LOVE working with Alyssa when it comes to wedding & event planning! You know when you just talk to someone and you can feel the passion and excitement in their voice that makes you go “Yup, they really love what they do” that’s Alyssa Lampl. She’s constantly thinking up new ideas, strategies, and designs that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next Big Top idea!

It’s an endless tunnel of ideas and designs at Big Top that we are so excited to have partnered with them for our “A Season for Every Bride” campaign and giveaway! Yup, you read that right! Starting May 1 – May 19th you can enter to win BIG from vendors like Big Top, who are offering a complimentary custom monogram/last name cutout sign with a $250 rental order.

Just head over to Lesner Inn’s instagram to enter & while you’re entering be sure to check out Big Top for your wedding or next event!

Big Top Showroom

While visiting, DeLine Photography, Noble Vue Media and the Lesner Inn were able to check out their showroom where anyone can come in and be able to visually see their ideas and designs come to life! Come check out the pieces and play around with them until you find your perfect design!

Photos: All Photos Taken by DeLine Photography

Can We Talk About What’s in the Back?

First stop Wooten Towne, where you’ll find the charismatic staff of Big Top Entertainment. Honestly, I’m not making it up when I say they are always laughing and having a BLAST at Big Top! And can we talk about how MASSIVE their warehouse is & it’s only getting BIGGER!

Photos: All Photos Taken by DeLine Photography

The Owners

Talk about true love. These two are all about love, laughter & creativity! An amazing couple with an amazing story.


Photos: All Photos Taken by DeLine Photography

** Lesner Inn couples receive a 10% discount with Big Top Entertainment

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Instagram: @bigtopentertainmentva

Photographer: DeLine Photography

Website: DeLine Photography 

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Videographer: Noble Vue Media

Website: Noble Vue Media 

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