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Behind the Lens: Daissy Torres Photography

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?
I was born and raised a Puerto Rican who loves laughter, different cultures and can fluently speak English, Spanish and the universal language of memes.

Did you study photography or are you self-taught? What made you want to focus and do photography as a full-time business?
About 10 years ago, I suffered the loss of my dad who loved photography. Due to this experience, I started looking within myself for things that bring me happiness. Some people garden, others exercise, while I concentrated on photographs. Without any formal training, I exclusively photographed my inner circle. That is, until a couple asked me to photograph their wedding at the Lesner Inn. I don’t think anyone thought seven years later, I’d be celebrating more than 100 awesome couples!

Photo: Daissy Torres Photography

Who were your early influences or is there anyone you have or continue to draw inspiration from?
The wedding photographer world is so vast and there is so much talent out there!  However, my favorite inspirational wedding photographers are Two Mann Studios. They are authentic, raw and creative which is all I aspired to be in my business.

How would you describe your style of photography?
I’d say it is moment-driven & joyful. The result is bold images that tell my couple’s love story, journey, and the deep connections they have.

What made you want to do weddings over other types of photography?

Photo: Daissy Torres Photography

I wanted to be a birth and newborn photographer. Being in the pediatric field for some years made it seem like the obvious choice. However, as soon as I had my first wedding reality struck. I really, really do love weddings! The fast-paced, emotional roller coaster and culmination into a party is therapy for me.

What is your favorite part of being a wedding photographer?

All those emotions! I can see all of them in 8-12 hours and such emotional display reminds me to be present in my own emotions and within my own personal circle. The fact is that it ends up in a big celebration of love with my couples realizing how amazing their day went. It is enough to keep bringing me back.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

These last 7 years! I’ve photographed more than 300 events and each one of them has taught me something about people and myself. That and my 22 years of marriage and the two crazy kids that came along with it!

Looking back after 7 years with your first wedding being at Lesner Inn as a wedding photographer and your 100 the wedding also being at Lesner Inn – how would you say things have changed?
I’d like to think both my editing style and creativity are bolder. However, how I love my couple’s day hasn’t changed. Each wedding feels like family, therefore I give my 100% to them.

Photo: Daissy Torres Photography

Are there some types of photos or shoots that you love doing when working with a couple? What are some creative elements you enjoy adding if any?
I enjoy reflections, sunset shots, and unconventional angles. My couples love seeing their love displayed in new ways.

If you could tell your clients and future clients any piece of advice when it comes to their photographer what would you say to them?
Wedding days are madness! As you research your photographer, make sure you choose someone whose personality connects well with yours. After all, you’ll be seeing their face all day! Someone who makes you feel at ease and prepared for what is to be the fastest day of your life will be  well worth the investment.


It is always a pleasure to have Daissy come to the Lesner Inn! We always look forward to seeing the photos after of our amazing Lesner Inn couples, which is why we partnered with Daissy Torres Photography for the Daissy Torres x Lesner Inn contest.  Check out our instagram bio to enter for the chance to win a 2 hour engagement session, 100 custom Save the Dates or Guest Book, $1,400 off your wedding collection, and $500 credit towards your Lesner Inn wedding! All you have to do is share your love story!

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