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A Decadent Decade

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From classic white to food trucks, the decade brought in many trends that still exist today, which is why the Lesner Inn team wanted to look back at some of the top wedding trends of the decade!

2010 Classic White

Photo: Stellar Exposure Photography

Goodbye to the dessert tables, candy bars, cupcakes, and hello again to the classic white round wedding cake. Although the trend of this year for wedding cakes included a classic white cream cover, couples did find ways to customize their cake by adding florals, fondant shapes, and a bit of color to their big day dessert!


2011 Era Elegance

In 2011, we saw the end of the Harry Potter movie franchise but the beginning of the prohibition look or Era Elegance as it was referred to. This trend could be attributed to the royal wedding of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as she created the theme of the year with everyone wanting their own royal wedding! To achieve the theme, couples created man caves or sections for the men to go and have a cigar, princess silhouette with a slight bold train became the dress of the year, and feathered headpieces or shredded fabric were added to the décor or guests themselves. Other trends of that year included food trucks where guests were able to enjoy a variety of food during the cocktail hour followed by a video guest book the couple could view later!


2012 The First Look

Photo: Echard Wheeler Photography

Glitter pumps, statement pants, and the hunger games franchise may have grown in following in 2012 but this wedding trend has remained current and popular among couples to this day – the First Look. Wanting more time to party and see those who traveled from a far for their big day, couples continue to do first looks as a way to get some of those big family and couple photos out of the way before the ceremony even begins!


2013 Naked Cakes

Photo: Chelsie Darling

Although their appearance began back in 2007, naked cakes became trendy at weddings in 2013 with mixed reviews. However, we can see why it would become popular instead of the heavily frosted cakes, as this gave couples who still wanted cake an alternative due to the minimum icing and decorative fruit, florals, or syrup on top!


2014 Mismatched Bridesmaids

Size, shape, color, and fit. There’s already enough going on when it came to picking the perfect wedding dress that some couples didn’t have the time or energy to hear the opinions or discuss bridesmaids dresses to ensure everyone’s happiness, which is why mismatched bridesmaid dresses became the biggest 2014 trend! Although there were some limits to the style created by the bride to ensure cohesiveness, this allowed and continues to allow bridesmaids to find a dress they feel great and comfortable in as they see their best friend say I do!


2015 Food & Drink

Photo: Dustin Lewis Images

Break open the bottles because 2015 was a wild one! Signature drinks became a hit at weddings as it allowed for couples to go beyond the usual décor and linens to customize their wedding – I mean check out the green margarita machine by Dustin Lewis Images! Food became the center focus as donut walls, food styled escort cards, and hanging food stations greeted guests – the wild the better was 2015s motto!


2016 More Furniture!

Photo: Michael & Laura Photography

Elegant is back and better than ever. To create the perfect 2016 elegant wedding, couples added their own or rented furniture to create lounge areas or to just add to their photo backdrop! Calming colors such as periwinkle blue and blush pink added to the elegance, while brides wore two in one dresses to allow for a full gown during the ceremony that changed to a silhouette or short dress for the reception.


2017 Going Green

Photo: Stellar Exposures

Neutrals, pastels, and going green. Natural décor began to rise in 2017 and even today you still see greenery as a big décor influencer. During 2017, weddings moved from outside to inside but to accommodate those outside themed weddings, couples brought the outside to the inside by adding more greenery, florals, and image mapping, which is moving projection of nature onto the venue itself! Other trends of the year included our lovable furry friends being part of the ceremony and party portraits instead of a photo booth.


2018 A Whole New Entertainment

Forget favors that are left behind or forgotten as 2018 couples brought in a different type of entertainment from tarot card readers, magicians, balloon artists to sketch artists! 2018 weddings saw an influx of theater like entertainment on top of a DJ – what a year!


2019 Unique Lighting

Photo: Courtney Timms Photography

Lights, camera, I do! It’s all about lighting in 2019 as we go from floating candles to neon installations and other colored lights to decorate the venue. Lighting is and continues to be important to create your wedding day atmosphere!





What a decade it was and we can’t wait to see what wedding trends this decade brings!