Mak­ing Your Own Cen­ter­pieces

Here at the Lesner Inn, we sFeatured imageee cen­ter­pieces made at home that can bring the whole look of a wed­ding together. Things that you would never have expected to work well together can make your tables look wel­com­ing, and cre­ate the flow of your recep­tion hall. If you’re mak­ing your own cen­ter­pieces for your wed­ding day, then you’re prob­a­bly won­der­ing where to start. Here are some of our best tips while cre­at­ing the per­fect look for your guest tables: Make your col­ors flow together.
  • If you’re using a bright table linen, go with a sub­tle cen­ter­piece that incor­po­rates dif­fer­ent tints and col­ors that work well with your linens. If you’re using more neu­tral linens then you have more room to incor­po­rate what­ever col­ors you want with your cen­ter­pieces. The main goal is to make sure you aren’t using col­ors that clash.
Keep your guests in mind.
  • Even if your cen­ter­pieces look great, it is impor­tant to think about how it will affect your guests through­out the recep­tion. You wouldn’t want your guests yelling through a for­est of hydrangeas or sift­ing through a pile of glitter.
Sim­plic­ity is beautiful.
  • Doing the min­i­mum can still wow your guests. Flow­ers never go out of style, and who doesn’t love sand and seashells? Put these in a nice vase or mason jar, and your cen­ter­pieces are ready to go.
Can­dles make every­thing better.
  • The nat­ural light­ing of a sim­ple tea light can­dle can make your cen­ter­pieces stand out and set a roman­tic tone for your reception.
Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • We all know Pin­ter­est to be the home of crafty ideas. Try break­ing apart the ideas you find on Pin­ter­est and mix­ing them together. You never know what you could come up with.
The main goal to mak­ing your cen­ter­pieces is to have fun while doing it. Invite your friends over and see what you can come up with together over some wine and cheese.

March Wed­dings

You know you’re in Vir­ginia Beach when it’s not strange to be out and about in shorts and flip flops because the tem­per­a­ture has made it over 50 degrees. The antic­i­pa­tion of warmer weather is just too much to resist. It’s no secret that we all love the warmer months, and March is the per­fect time to make that tran­si­tion away from the cold. With tem­per­a­tures ris­ing, spir­its lift­ing, and excite­ment ris­ing, March may just be the per­fect month to plan your wed­ding for. I can tell you’re a bit skep­ti­cal, so here are a few of my top reasons ;)
  • $avings! As we tran­si­tion away from the cold months, March is still con­sid­ered “off-​peak” for most venues and ven­dors. This will typ­i­cally boast an over­all dis­count of 20% for you entire wedding.
  • Day Light Sav­ings: The recent switch in time will allow for a bit more day­light on your spe­cial day. That means more time for your cer­e­mony and beau­ti­ful sun­set pictures.
  • The more the mer­rier! Just as this time frame is off-​peak for your ven­dors, it will likely be off-​peak for your guests and their work sched­ules. This will hope­fully allow for them to take vaca­tion and have an awe­some time at your wedding!
  • No sweat­ing. Although a Sum­mer wed­ding has it’s upsides, their noto­ri­ous for over­heated guests and sweat spots on your fancy wed­ding clothes. There’s always some­where to cool off dur­ing a March wedding.
  • Color options are end­less this time of year. While we tran­si­tion from the cool col­ors of win­ter and move into the softer pas­tels of spring, you’re left with a palette of color com­bi­na­tions to please any and everyone.
  • While there’s a nice chill in the air, the sun is out & the flow­ers are bloom­ing. It won’t be unbear­able to take your wed­ding pho­tos out­side. So even at The Lesner Inn, you’ll get to enjoy our beau­ti­ful view of the Lynnhaven River — and show it off through your wed­ding photographs.
  • Daisies, peonies, tulips, & roses are the IN-​FLOWERS in March.
  • A March wed­ding lends itself to a very ver­sa­tile dec­o­rat­ing ideas, allow­ing you to cre­ate a very unique wedding.
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Best Wed­ding Time­lines

At The Lesner Inn, we’re often asked about the details of your wed­ding time­line & where it per­tains to us. Our rule of thumb is if you have a lot of events through­out the evening, and a lot of guests to enter­tain, make sure you have the time to do it! Also – since we’re awater­front venue in Vir­ginia Beach, our sun­sets are a main attrac­tion – and thus, another fac­tor into the wed­ding timeline.

We’ve seen many time­lines but here’s what we think works best:

After­noon Cer­e­mony & Recep­tion

  • 9:00 AM: Ven­dors /​Wed­ding party have access to the venue for set up
  • 10:00 AM: First Look Photographs
  • 11:00 AM: Ceremony
  • 11:30 AM: Cock­tail Hour /​Fam­ily Portraits
  • 12:15 PM: Bridal Party announcements
  • 12:30 PM: First dance
  • 12:40 PM: Lunch
  • 1:00 PM: First dances with the parents

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Per­son­al­iz­ing your menu

menuThere’s so many ways to per­son­al­ize your wed­ding and share your story with the world, with­out sim­ply telling them it in your vows or speeches. At The Lesner Inn, one of our favorite ways our new­ly­weds per­son­al­ize their wed­ding is through their menu. Even though we pro­vide all of the food for your wed­ding (with excep­tion to the cake) we love to work with our cou­ples to make sure they are able to per­son­al­ize their menu. Take a look at some of our ideas below & what we’ve done in the past!

Wed­ding Coor­di­na­tors VS. Venue Coor­di­na­tors

It’s your spe­cial day, and min­utes before the cer­e­mony music cues your bridal party to start walk­ing down the aisle a cri­sis occurs. One of your grooms­men has had one too many drinks, trips, and spills his jack & coke on the guest table. He looks down and notices his bou­ton­niere has come undone. No one has the time nor the knowl­edge to fix the table or the bou­ton­nieres quickly — so who do you turn to? This is a per­fect sce­nario that dif­fer­en­ti­ates the duties of the venue coor­di­na­tor and the wed­ding coor­di­na­tor. While your wed­ding coor­di­na­tor quickly assem­bles the bou­ton­niere and pins it to the grooms­man, your venue coor­di­na­tor is re-​linening & re-​setting the table as it was before.


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Tips for a Suc­cess­ful Wed­ding Tast­ing

If your wed­ding venue pro­vides cater­ing (which, we do!), then they should offer tast­ings. Let’s be real, who buys a car with­out test dri­ving it first? And when it comes to the most impor­tant day of your life, why leave any­thing to chance? Lesner Inn offers their poten­tial clients their choice of 4 hors-​doeuvres to 3 entrees. Since tast­ings have become increas­ingly impor­tant, as more and more cou­ples choose to per­son­al­ize every­thing (from sig­na­ture cock­tails to cakes & desserts), we thought it would be impor­tant to give our read­ers some tips on how to take advan­tage of your tastings.

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So Your Guests Have Dietary Needs?

Lately, it seems like every­one has some sort of allergy or spe­cial food require­ment. Work­ing with so many guests and pleas­ing everyone’s palettes can be chal­leng­ing at times, but there is no rea­son that any­one should go hun­gry. To help you out, we’ve com­piled a few tips to help with your picky eaters.

1. When send­ing out invi­ta­tions and notes for your guests to RSVP, include a check-​box for guests to indi­cate if they have any spe­cial food require­ments. When you get everyone’s RSVP back, you’ll know who to fol­low up with about these unique needs!

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Tis’ the Sea­son! (Almost)

There are only 15 more Fri­days until Christ­mas! And that means it’s time to start plan­ning your Hol­i­day func­tions. Lesner Inn is excited to have hosted numer­ous char­ity fundrais­ers, end-​of-​the year ban­quets, fam­ily reunions, and cor­po­rate par­ties all in the name of the hol­i­days! If you’re look­ing for an excuse to throw a fes­tive func­tion with us, we’ve come up with just a few…

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8 Rea­sons You Should Have a Day­time Wed­ding

Lesner Inn is proud to offer day­time wed­dings which can begin at any time, and con­clude by 3pm. Many brides are skep­ti­cal of such an early start time, but we’ve com­piled the top 8 rea­sons why day­time wed­dings rock.

1. Day­time wed­dings are cheaper. This day is going to be expen­sive enough, why not save some dough and have an awe­some day­time event?

2. Day­time events can begin at ANY­time. That’s right, we could even do sun­rise. And how roman­tic would that be?! The sun rises in the per­fect spot from the deck at Lesner Inn, mak­ing for a beau­ti­ful ceremony.

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