Not the Aver­age Bar

When most engaged cou­ples think about hav­ing a bar at their wed­ding, their minds go straight to their favorite local beers & spe­cialty cock­tails. But, when plan­ning their wed­ding, they see that there are numer­ous types of bars to host that don’t have to include alco­hol! To give you some ideas, we want to share some of our favorites with you that you can eas­ily get at Lesner Inn!

Alco­hol Bar
Like we men­tioned, this is the most thought of bar at a wed­ding. The bev­er­age choices are end­less with your choice of your favorite Vir­ginia local beers & wines, cock­tail drinks, & more. Of course a bar is not required for any wed­ding, but there are sev­eral dif­fer­ent ways that you can present this to your wed­ding guests if you so choose. Ask your event man­ager about the best way to accom­mo­date what you want behind your bar at Lesner Inn!

Dessert Bar
This is another bar that most peo­ple tend to lean toward when dis­cussing the dif­fer­ent wed­ding bars. It is very pop­u­lar in upcom­ing wed­ding trends & they are even being used instead of tra­di­tional wed­ding cake! Set out an array of your favorite desserts with any­thing from brown­ies to cook­ies to dough­nuts to choco­late cov­ered straw­ber­ries or any­thing else you may be crav­ing. Here at Lesner Inn, we love to help out with these bars as we can pro­vide you with brown­ies, cook­ies, choco­late cov­ered straw­ber­ries, & even dough­nuts!


Above: Keith Cephus Photography

Candy Bar
The candy bar is such a crowd pleaser! So many cou­ples are start­ing to have candy bars to go along with their cake or even have it as a favor for their guests. It’s per­fect because you can per­son­al­ize this with the types of candy you select or even by the stamps or labels on the bags you use for your guest’s doggy bags! If you love the idea, but don’t want to add another thing to your plan­ning list, Lesner Inn will take care of it for you! Just let your event man­ager know your favorite selec­tions & we will set it up for you on your wed­ding night!

Pop­corn Bar
Okay, let’s be hon­est, who doesn’t love these but­tery puffs of heaven after a good meal? This bar is def­i­nitely one that your guests will be all over! Typ­i­cally, there’s two ways to do this bar at Lesner Inn. You can have dif­fer­ent fla­vors of pop­corn for the guests to choose from or you can have good old-​fashioned but­ter pop­corn with dif­fer­ent can­dies to put on top (we ALWAYS rec­om­mend a salty & sweet treat)! Either way, you can’t go wrong with a pop­corn bar for a late night snack that every­one can grab while they’re on the dance floor!


Above: Dustin Lewis Images

Ice Cream Sun­dae Bar
We don’t know about you, but we LOVE ice cream & we’re pretty sure your guests will too! Why not give them a bar that’s full of ice cream, sprin­kles, choco­late syrup, choco­late chips & so much more that they can pile on top? There’s no bet­ter way to cool down from the dance floor than to eat some cold ice cream that Lesner Inn can pro­vide your guests!

Now when you think of the bar you would like to incor­po­rate for your guests at your wed­ding, we hope you con­sider some of these tasty treats as well! If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, reach out to one of our event & sales man­agers at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 7574811122!

Wed­ding High­lights: Kayla & Parker 3.24.2018


We have to take a minute to brag about this AMAZ­ING cou­ple right here! Kayla & Parker stole our hearts from the moment that we met them. They are two of the most gen­uine peo­ple, & work­ing with them to cre­ate their per­fect day was an absolute joy! Reflect­ing on this day makes us so happy that Lesner Inn could be a part of their Vir­ginia Beach wed­ding, & we hope to work with more cou­ples just like them!!

How, when, & where did you meet?
Parker and I met in 2015 when he moved to Nor­folk for the Navy. He was apart­ment hunt­ing and I was a Leas­ing Con­sul­tant and rented an apart­ment to him. I told him that day that I would be his neigh­bor and I don’t think he took it seri­ously. He found out a few weeks later that I really was his next-​door neigh­bor! He invited me on a date a few months later and the rest was his­tory!

Dat­ing can be awk­ward, do you have any funny sto­ries from when you first started dat­ing?
I always give Parker a hard time about our very first date! He asked me out to a hockey game and I had said yes. When I walked over to his apart­ment, there were 2 of his guy friends there too!! So it was a Parker and Kayla with 2 other of his friends date. Parker says “I didn’t know it was a date, a thought it was an….outing”.

Tell us your engage­ment story? When did it hap­pen?
Our engage­ment was super sim­ple and per­fect! We bought our first home together and we love our sun­sets from our back­yard. Last June he got down on one knee at sun­set, asked me to marry him, and at the same time our dog Gra­cie jumped in his face and licked him. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Military-Wedding-Virginia-Beach-Lesner-Inn-(45).jpgWhat made you pick Lesner Inn as your wed­ding venue?
We def­i­nitely wanted some­thing on the water and a place that we could really have every­thing all at one place: the cer­e­mony, recep­tion, décor, cater­ing, and coor­di­na­tion. When we vis­ited, the view was beau­ti­ful and the venue fit the vision we had for our wed­ding day.

What addi­tional ven­dors did you choose for your wed­ding day, and why?
We had a DJ, Florist, and Pho­tog­ra­pher. We really did not need to hire many other ven­dors because there was so much included at The Lesner Inn!

What décor & other design aspects of your wed­ding were most impor­tant to you?
We wanted to keep things sim­ple, so we didn’t want too many dec­o­ra­tions. We wanted small cen­ter­pieces and flow­ers with green­ery to give our recep­tion and wed­ding a roman­tic and sweet feel. That was really impor­tant to us.


What was your vision for your wed­ding day?

Sim­ple, sweet, and roman­tic on the water!

What unique details did you add to your wed­ding?
Parker’s a twin so for the mother/​son dance, Parker had danced with their mom, and his brother Kyle danced with their Grandma. Half way through the song, they switched places and I thought that was really sweet and unique.

What were you most excited for your wed­ding day?
I asked Parker this ques­tion and his first sen­tence was “To see the love of my life”! I def­i­nitely agree. We hadn’t seen each other since the night before and hav­ing the wed­ding day jit­ters and nerves; all I wanted to do was see him. Once we saw each other both of us were instantly not ner­vous any­more and we were calm and ready to walk down the aisle!

How did you han­dle the stress of wed­ding plan­ning? Were there any major hic­cups along the way?
Plan­ning a wed­ding can def­i­nitely be stress­ful! We planned our wed­ding in 8 months but for 4 of those months, Parker was on deploy­ment. This did cause some added stress because of lim­ited avail­abil­ity to talk with each other. What was nice, though, was that many of our ven­dors were able to fit us in before he left and we go to meet in per­son with our DJ when he got back so it was cool that they worked with us.

Do you have any advice for cou­ples who are plan­ning their wed­dings now?
Hon­estly, I would say to try and bun­dle! We bun­dled the cer­e­mony, recep­tion, décor, coor­di­na­tion, plan­ning, cater­ing, and much more all at Lesner Inn and that truly made things so easy for us. Hav­ing things taken care of all in one place truly made wed­ding plan­ning a breeze so BUN­DLE when pos­si­ble! Also, doing the first look with each other was one of the best deci­sions we made. For one, you save time after the cer­e­mony and are able to min­gle with friends and fam­ily sooner, and two, see­ing each other calmed our nerves that day.

We loved being a part of Kayla & Parker’s wed­ding day & of course cel­e­brat­ing with their friends & fam­ily! Lesner Inn takes pride in being inclu­sive, so that our cou­ples don’t have to search for ser­vices from sev­eral dif­fer­ent Vir­ginia Beach wed­ding ven­dors.

For more infor­ma­tion on our ser­vices, con­tact us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 7574811122!

Thank you to Kay De Lane Pho­tog­ra­phy for cap­tur­ing all of these amaz­ing pho­tos!


10 Ques­tions to Ask Before Book­ing Your Wed­ding Venue

Wed­ding plan­ning, no mat­ter how many times you’ve done it, comes with a lot of ques­tions about how and when cer­tain things should get done. This can be stress­ful enough, but on top of all the ques­tions already going through your head, you then go to check out your top wed­ding venues and real­ize that you don’t even know what ques­tions to ask. Well, being one of Vir­ginia Beach’s top wed­ding venues, we have some help­ful tips for what­ever venue you’re look­ing at! We’ve put together a list of 10 ques­tions, and answers, that we hope will help and that you should def­i­nitely ask your wed­ding venue before book­ing!
  1. What do you provide?
This is such an impor­tant ques­tion because you want to know what you need to bring in from an out­side ven­dor or what you’ll need to bring your­self. Lesner Inn tries to be as inclu­sive as pos­si­ble, and pro­vides every­thing from the linens and decor to the food and bev­er­age. We even offer wed­ding favors! Make sure you dis­cuss what your venue includes in detail before book­ing so you know exactly what you’ll be respon­si­ble for!
  1. How long do I have to set every­thing up and break it down?
Like almost every ques­tion in this list this changes for each venue, but you should at least have 2 hours to set up before the wed­ding and 1 hour to break down. This is our pol­icy at Lesner Inn, includ­ing the set up for ven­dors and other per­sonal décor items. Be sure to ask your venue because this is just a gen­er­al­iza­tion, so it might be dif­fer­ent for each place!
  1. Do you have a pre­ferred ven­dors list? If so, do I have to stick to that list?
Most venues will have a pre­ferred ven­dors list. Whether you have to stick to those spe­cific ven­dors or not is what is nor­mally dif­fer­ent between venues. We have a list with ven­dors that we highly rec­om­mend, but our cou­ples are more than wel­come to bring in any ven­dor they would like! How­ever, our pre­ferred ven­dors offer dis­counts to Lesner Inn cou­ples, so we highly rec­om­mend tak­ing advan­tage of that!
  1. If my fiancé gets deployed, what is the process we go through to postpone?
Virginia Beach Military Wedding Lesner Inn Waterfront.jpgThis is a ques­tion that we really hope doesn’t come up dur­ing the wed­ding plan­ning process, but we under­stand when duty calls. Dif­fer­ent venues will have dif­fer­ent poli­cies and processes, but Lesner Inn is par­tic­u­larly under­stand­ing in this sit­u­a­tion and will resolve this on a case by case basis. Be sure to ask your venue what the steps are if this hap­pens before you book!
Right: Love Sim­ply Pho­tog­ra­phy
  1. How do I hold my date?
Ahh, the ques­tion that every cou­ple should ask once you’ve com­pletely fallen in love with your wed­ding venue! Some venues will require a deposit to hold the date and oth­ers will hold it com­pli­men­tary for a cer­tain amount of time. Once a cou­ple expresses that they would like to secure the date, Lesner Inn will place a 5 day com­pli­men­tary hold on the date so the cou­ple can rest easy know­ing that no one else can book it. If you have a spe­cific date in mind, we highly rec­om­mend ask­ing if you can place a hold on it and what is required to book the space while you’re in the process of look­ing every­thing over!
  1. What is the pay­ment schedule?
Just like every­thing else, this will dif­fer from venue to venue, but we can say that most of them will have a pay­ment sched­ule for you. We don’t know of any venues that would required every­thing to be paid in one lump sum. Either way, never fear to talk about finances with your wed­ding venue. If you want to break pay­ments up into more fre­quent and smaller amounts just tell your venue up front!
  1. When do you need all final num­bers and details?
This! This is such an impor­tant ques­tion that needs to be asked before book­ing your wed­ding venue! We can’t stress enough how impor­tant it is to have every sin­gle detail that your venue needs in to them on time. Def­i­nitely ask when they will need all final num­bers, food/​beverage selec­tions, etc. This is espe­cially impor­tant when your venue does on-​site cater­ing, as Lesner Inn does, because they need to pre­pare all décor and order your food and alco­hol in time for your event. It will make the end of plan­ning so much eas­ier if you know before­hand when your venue will need all of this infor­ma­tion and can save you some hefty late fees, so be sure to ask!
  1. How far out should I book?
This is really up to you and how picky you are with the spe­cific date, day of the week, or time of day for your wed­ding. If you’re super flex­i­ble, then you really don’t need to worry about book­ing crazy far in advance because you can typ­i­cally find a week­end that works for both you and your venue. How­ever, if your venue doesn’t do more than one wed­ding per day or even week­end, then you may have a lit­tle more trou­ble find­ing a week­end in the near future. If you want it on a spe­cific date, then we would say to go ahead and book early so you can be sure to get that date. A good rule of thumb is to book at least a year in advance!
  1. What if there’s a hur­ri­cane the day of my wedding?
Waterfront Wedding Venue Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (10).jpgThis is another ques­tion that no cou­ple wants to talk about but that you should always ask before book­ing your venue. At Lesner Inn, as long as our doors can open the show goes on! We will do every­thing in our power to make it hap­pen and make sure every­thing still goes as planned. This is gen­er­ally the pol­icy with most venues because no one ever wants to post­pone a wed­ding due to weather, but it’s always good to ask before­hand!
Right: Lia Everette Pho­tog­ra­phy
  1. Am I required to have a coordinator?
The pos­si­ble answers to this ques­tion are pretty cut and dry: yes or no. Some venues will require you to at least have a day-​of coor­di­na­tor for your wed­ding. How­ever, there will be other venues, like Lesner Inn, who do not require you to have a plan­ner or day-​of coor­di­na­tor. We do sug­gest it though, because it takes a ton of stress off of you and your fiance and will make a world of a dif­fer­ence on your wed­ding day. Lesner Inn actu­ally offers full wed­ding plan­ning and day-​of coor­di­na­tion ser­vices specif­i­cally for Lesner Inn cou­ples, so you don’t even have to work with another com­pany to coor­di­nate your wed­ding!

We know wed­ding plan­ning can be stress­ful and you some­times just don’t know the ques­tions to ask cer­tain ven­dors, but we really hope this list helps with some of the ques­tions you should ask your wed­ding venue before book­ing! If you have any more ques­tions, don’t be afraid to speak up. We would much rather cou­ples ask all of their ques­tions upfront than to be con­fused down the road!

If you have any other ques­tions about the book­ing process at Lesner Inn, feel free to con­tact us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 7574811122.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Hir­ing Wed­ding Pro­fes­sion­als

Choos­ing your wed­ding ven­dors is one of the biggest deci­sions that you will make in the wed­ding plan­ning process. How­ever, many of our soon­ly­weds don’t under­stand the impor­tance of mak­ing sure that they hire a pro­fes­sional! There have been too many times where a cou­ple has asked a fam­ily friend, that has no expe­ri­ence in shoot­ing wed­dings, to take the pho­tos they will look back on for years! Well we’re here to tell you all about the wed­ding ven­dors that you must make sure are a wed­ding pro­fes­sional!

Waterfront Wedding Venue Hampton Roads (3)Pho­tog­ra­pher
A pro­fes­sional wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher will have years of train­ing & expe­ri­ence tak­ing por­traits, can­did, & group shots, & should be able to pro­vide you with sev­eral exam­ples! Every pho­tog­ra­pher has their own style of how they shoot & edit pho­tos, & by choos­ing some­one who isn’t a pro­fes­sional, you risk hav­ing your pho­tos come out look­ing like they were taken with your friends iPhone!

Left: Sweet Ade­line

Many peo­ple think that a video­g­ra­pher just shoots a video & sends it to you after the wed­ding. How­ever, this is not the case! Video­g­ra­phers are skilled in shoot­ing at the best angles, cap­tur­ing moments with appro­pri­ate light­ing, & edit­ing the video after it’s all said & done. Edit­ing a wed­ding video that makes you remem­ber all of the feel­ings you felt on your actual wed­ding day is no easy task. They have years of expe­ri­ence to make your wed­ding day look like the best day of your life, which it should be!

DJ or Band
When peo­ple ask if they are able to bring in a set of speak­ers & plug in their iPod to play music for the wed­ding, we can’t help but cringe. Many peo­ple who are plan­ning a wed­ding for the first time think that all your DJ does is put a playlist together & press play, but this is def­i­nitely not the case! Your DJ or musi­cal enter­tain­ment is your hype man & MC. They make sure that guests are get­ting excited for every major event through­out your wed­ding. Who do you think announces you into the recep­tion as new­ly­weds & gets your guests out on the dance floor?

Lesner Inn - Beach Ball 2017-Party-0073.jpg

Stel­lar Expo­sures Photography

Wed­ding Coor­di­na­tor
Another ven­dor that cou­ples con­stantly under­rate are wed­ding coor­di­na­tors! Too often we hear cou­ples say that their friend or fam­ily mem­ber, who is also attend­ing the wed­ding, will be in charge of coor­di­nat­ing the wed­ding. This is a huge no, no! While your friend or fam­ily mem­ber may be fully qual­i­fied to coor­di­nate, they are guest at your wed­ding & will want to have fun like the rest of your guests. Noth­ing is worse than the cou­ple hav­ing the pick up the slack when your friend should be mak­ing sure that your DJ & cater­ing facil­ity are ready for toasts! Lesner Inn now offers coor­di­na­tion ser­vices to make sure that our cou­ples have the per­fect Vir­ginia Beach wed­ding!


Stel­lar Expo­sures Photography

We can­not stress the impor­tance of pro­fes­sional wed­ding ven­dors enough. They have years of expe­ri­ence under their belt, & can guide you in the right direc­tion when plan­ning your dream wed­ding at Lesner Inn. Our final piece of advice is that you make sure to research the dif­fer­ent wed­ding ven­dors in your area to make sure you absolutely LOVE what they do!

Lesner Inn has a list of our pre­ferred wed­ding ven­dors that we give to every­one that we meet. Our list even includes dis­counts that ven­dors offer to Lesner Inn cou­ples, just for book­ing us for their wed­ding venue & cater­ing!

For more infor­ma­tion, please reach out to our sales office at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 7574811122.

How to Prop­erly Thank Your Wed­ding Ven­dors!

Your wed­ding ven­dors are the pro­fes­sion­als that make your Vir­ginia Beach wed­ding come to life, and hope­fully in a way that is even bet­ter than what you hoped for! Most of these ven­dors are work­ing with you from start to fin­ish, and do every­thing they can to make sure you trust them to han­dle the details of your wed­ding. Things like answer­ing emails after office hours, sched­ul­ing an impromptu appoint­ment, or pro­vid­ing ser­vices that go above the con­tracted agree­ment are all ways that wed­ding ven­dors will go beyond the call of duty to make our clients happy. Your wed­ding ven­dors do so much to make sure you reflect on your wed­ding as the per­fect day, so show them how grate­ful you are in any of these sim­ple ways!

Leave Reviews
Think back to when you were select­ing your wed­ding ven­dors. You were prob­a­bly read­ing reviews to make sure they would be the right per­son for the job. Leav­ing reviews on wed­ding web­sites like The Knot and Wed­ding­Wire are one of the best ways to appre­ci­ate the work that your ven­dors did for you. If you don’t have accounts with either of these top wed­ding web­sites, Face­book and Google are also great places to leave reviews! This will not only bring a smile to their face, but will bring them more busi­ness in the future!

Write Thank You Cards
Hand writ­ten thank you notes are a small token of appre­ci­a­tion, no mat­ter who you’re writ­ing them to. See­ing how happy a client is after their wed­ding is so sat­is­fy­ing, and at Lesner Inn we like to dis­play all of our thank you notes as a reminder to why we love our jobs so much!

Leave Tips
Some of your wed­ding ven­dors don’t expect or require a tip, but this is always a nice ges­ture! If you’re unsure about who should be receiv­ing a tip, this blog from Bridal Guide will help you out!

Give Small Gifts
For those ven­dors who don’t accept or require tips, a small gift is a great ges­ture! One of our Lesner Inn cou­ples brought in mono­grammed san­dals for her event man­ager to wear on her wed­ding day. It was such a thought­ful gift and some­thing so easy to have made! Things like can­dles, cof­fee mugs or tum­blers, or jew­elry are also great ideas as small gifts to give your wed­ding ven­dors.

Think about how stress­ful wed­ding plan­ning is. Now think about doing it for a liv­ing! Your wed­ding ven­dors do so much to make sure that you are happy with the ser­vice they are pro­vid­ing, and deserve a lit­tle recog­ni­tion when it’s all said and done. With that being said, speak up if you feel they could be doing bet­ter! Chances are they have no idea how you are feel­ing, and would love the con­struc­tive criticism.

Work­ing at Lesner Inn — A Few of my Favorite Things

To con­clude our series about what the Lesner ladies love about work­ing at Lesner Inn, we hear from our Event & Sales Direc­tor Alexis Hio­nis. It can be hard to pin­point one thing that we love about our job, so Alexis high­lights all of her favorite things below:

Alexis Retouch 2.jpgI grad­u­ated from the Uni­ver­sity of Vir­ginia with a bachelor’s in His­tory & Soci­ol­ogy, so peo­ple always ask me “How did you end up in the wed­ding indus­try? What made you want to do this?” My answer is sim­ple. Every­thing about my job at Lesner Inn makes me happy. I’m con­stantly sur­rounded by peo­ple and things I love, so why wouldn’t I do this?

I’ll start with my cowork­ers. The team at Lesner Inn is unlike any team I’ve worked with before. I con­sider the girls I work with in the office like my sis­ters. They each hold a spe­cial place in my heart. You’ll often find us laugh­ing to tears over absolutely noth­ing, singing the Lion King Sound­track, or binge eat­ing sweets. We may share a com­mon inter­est of every­thing wed­ding, but our friend­ship goes beyond our office. And I’m lucky to have them in my life.

The loca­tion. Lesner Inn is located right on the Lynnhaven River, so every day I’m at work I’m reminded of how beau­ti­ful our home is. The view is incred­i­ble. And the sun­sets are breath­tak­ing. When things become hec­tic at work, it’s nice to take a moment on our Sun­set Deck and appre­ci­ate where I live and where I work. Not many peo­ple can say the same, so I feel #blessed.

The ven­dors. Or bet­ter yet, my frien­dors. The Hamp­ton Road’s wed­ding indus­try is large, and I’m for­tu­nate to have so many friends in the indus­try. We con­nect each week­end to work sim­i­lar clients’ wed­dings. And we team up through­out the year to host open houses and cre­ate styl­ized shoots. They’ve even sup­ported me through the start of my non­profit, riseVB, and my fundrais­ing ven­tures with Beach Ball.

The icing on the cake for me is see­ing every­thing come to life on the wed­ding day. My rela­tion­ships with my clients grow through­out the plan­ning process. I become so fond of their story – how they met, how they fell in love… all of the good stuff. But there’s some­thing about the way they look at each other when they’re stand­ing at the arch that gives me all the feels. And I wouldn’t trade that in for the world.

To become another rea­son why we love our jobs so much, send us an email at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can help you plan your per­fect Vir­ginia Beach wed­ding!

Work­ing at Lesner Inn — Unique Details

Happy Mon­day every­one! To kick off the week, we hope you take a moment to read what Event & Sales Man­ager, Cayleen Javorsky, loves most about work­ing at Lesner Inn! You may be sur­prised to know that it’s not just the great food… more on her thoughts below:

Cayleen Retouch 1.jpgWhen I think back to how I ended up work­ing at Lesner Inn, plan­ning one of the most epic days of someone’s life, I think back to my first expe­ri­ence work­ing around wed­dings in Vir­ginia Beach. While I was in col­lege, I spent my sum­mers work­ing at the front desk of a local Vir­ginia Beach hotel. Dur­ing my time there, I was able to meet so many peo­ple who were cel­e­brat­ing their wed­ding week­end! My inter­ac­tion with their big day was pretty much non-​existent, but I always got to see the team of ven­dors pile in & work their magic to cre­ate what each cou­ple had planned for so long to be the best day of their lives! Watch­ing what each cou­ple found to be their per­fect wed­ding come to life was so fun to watch, & it has eas­ily become one of my favorite parts about my job at Lesner Inn.

Since start­ing as an Event & Sales Man­ager at Lesner Inn almost 3 years ago, I have seen so many dif­fer­ent color schemes, menu & dessert choices, & new­found tra­di­tions that cou­ples have wanted to incor­po­rate to set their wed­ding apart from the rest. Even though a lot of wed­ding trends stay pretty con­stant, most of our cou­ples will have at least one minute detail that is com­pletely unique to their style & tastes. Each of these unique details can make one wed­ding the com­plete oppo­site of another, but regard­less of if they choose to have break­fast for din­ner, a gelato bar for dessert, or to dance to an uncon­ven­tional song all of these wed­dings are per­fect in their own ways!

These unique touches make my job SO much fun, espe­cially when even I am sur­prised on the night of (shout out to Amanda & David Haas for the guest appear­ance from a T-​rex)!


Above: Luke & Ash­ley Photography

We love being a part of the plan­ning process with our clients, so send us an email at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how we can make your Lesner Inn wed­ding stand out from the rest!

Wed­ding High­lights: Becca & Billy 12.2.2017

Becca & Billy tied the knot on Decem­ber 2, 2017 on Lesner Inn’s famous Sun­set Deck, while over­look­ing the Lynnhaven River. They were a DREAM cou­ple! We loved get­ting to know them dur­ing the plan­ning process & espe­cially loved how per­fect for each other they are. Not only were they so sweet, but the love from their friends & fam­ily sur­round­ing them was so evi­dent through­out the entire cel­e­bra­tion as well. We know you’ll smile as big as we did while read­ing Becca & Billy’s responses about their Lesner Inn wed­ding!

Waterfront-Wedding-Ceremony-Lesner-Inn-Virginia-Beach-Stellar-Exposures-Photography.jpgHow & when did you meet?

We met dur­ing grad school at Stony Brook Uni­ver­sity about 5 12 years ago now. He was in PT school, and I was in PA school but we had an over­lap­ping anatomy class the first sum­mer of school and started hang­ing out and the rest is his­tory!

We love a good story! How did you get engaged? (This is so thought­ful & well planned, great job Billy!)

We had a week­end planned to stay out in the east­ern part of Long Island near the winer­ies (we had done the same thing the year prior as it’s one of our favorite places), but this year he drove us back through Stony Brook (which is on the way) where we first met and pro­posed on the beach out­side of his old house where we used to spend a lot of time together. Then, he sur­prised me by hav­ing my par­ents come into town from Vir­ginia Beach, so we spent the week­end with both of our fam­i­lies cel­e­brat­ing our engage­ment!

Why did you pick Lesner Inn for your venue?

My cousins got mar­ried at the Lesner Inn about 7 years ago, and I fell in love with the venue at their wed­ding. After we got engaged, I knew that I wanted to get mar­ried there as well. I’m a huge beach/​water lover and the set­ting and view that the Lesner Inn offers is just incred­i­ble! One of my favorite parts of the venue is that you can have your cer­e­mony out­side on the water, and then walk inside for the recep­tion rather than hav­ing your guests have to travel!


What out­side ven­dors did you use & why did you choose them?

I LOVED all of our ven­dors! We used a lot of the Lesner Inn pre­ferred ven­dors who I was extremely happy with but then our DJ, Tay­lor Hay­cox and video­g­ra­pher, DSP, were out­side ven­dors. Tay­lor was actu­ally rec­om­mended to us by our cousin’s friend, and I am so grate­ful for that because he was absolutely per­fect and all of our guests were rav­ing about him after. We found our video­g­ra­pher on Wed­ding­Wire, and his reviews were all great as well as his pric­ing. He did an amaz­ing job and again we are so pleased with how it all turned out.

Virginia-Beach-Winter-Budget-Wedding-Lesner-Inn-Greenery-Bouquet-Stellar-Exposures-Photography.jpgWhat was your vision for your wed­ding day & did it change through­out the process? If so, how?

Billy and I both wanted our wed­ding day to be fairly sim­ple. I wanted the color scheme and decor to be very neu­tral with lots of white flow­ers and green­ery. We went with a dusty blue for the brides­maid dresses which I thought went well with hav­ing our wed­ding in Decem­ber. It also fit into the water­front venue vibe. We pretty much stayed with our vision the entire time with only a few minor changes as we got fur­ther into plan­ning. The nice thing about the Lesner Inn (par­tic­u­larly the Sun­set Deck) is that the scenery is already so nat­u­rally pretty that we didn’t worry about doing much else for our decor. Look­ing back on the pho­tos, we are so happy with how it all turned out!

We always love dif­fer­ent dessert bars. What made you choose to do a donut bar?

Billy was actu­ally the mas­ter­mind behind the donut bar! He loves donuts and wanted to do some­thing dif­fer­ent for our desserts! We still had the tra­di­tional cake, but I think all of our guests loved the donuts the most!

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How did you pick your first dance song & why did you pick it?

We both love Ed Sheeran (espe­cially me) and the first time we heard Per­fect together we knew that we wanted to do that for our song. We really didn’t even debate about any other songs because we felt that one describes us so well and the music is so beau­ti­ful.

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue by Stellar Exposures (26).jpg
Are there any funny or silly moments from your wed­ding day or the plan­ning process that stand out to you?

I remem­ber at the end of the night walk­ing through the sparklers and it dawn­ing on me how flam­ma­ble my hair was after all of the hair spray, and then Billy went to dip me and acci­den­tally almost dropped me back­wards into the flames. Luck­ily we recov­ered well and my hair didn’t catch on fire haha.

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue by Stellar Exposures (28).jpg
What advice do you have for other cou­ples plan­ning their wed­ding?

I would say to just keep things sim­ple, go with your gut and don’t stress over the small details! The day goes by so quickly and you really have to soak in every moment because it’s gone in a sec­ond!

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue by Stellar Exposures (29).jpg

We are SO glad that Becca’s hair didn’t catch on fire haha, that def­i­nitely would have been a first! Becca & Billy really did give the best advice for other cou­ples to take in. Try­ing not to stress is much eas­ier said than done for the biggest day of your life, but the details that seem so big dur­ing the plan­ning process won’t be the things that you really cher­ish after it’s all said & done. So, try not to worry, take in every sec­ond, & enjoy your big day!

If you are inter­ested in hav­ing a wed­ding like Becca & Billy’s at Lesner Inn, con­tact us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 7574811122.

Pho­tos by Stel­lar Expo­sures Pho­tog­ra­phy!

Work­ing at Lesner Inn — Cre­at­ing Con­nec­tions

We’re kick­ing off this Mon­day by shar­ing another Lesner Inn lady’s per­spec­tive on work­ing at Lesner Inn! Lind­sey Bas­night, Event & Sales Man­ager, shares that what she loves most is cre­at­ing con­nec­tions with cou­ples through­out the wed­ding & event plan­ning process! More on her thoughts below:

Lindsey Retouch 1.jpgWork­ing at Lesner Inn for the past year and a half has been filled with beau­ti­ful views, fun cowork­ers, won­der­ful clients and lots and lots of cake! The event plan­ning busi­ness has allowed me to grow cre­atively & pro­fes­sion­ally and I couldn’t be more grate­ful for the oppor­tu­nity that I have at Lesner Inn.

While there are many aspects that I love about this pro­fes­sion, my favorite part is that I have been lucky enough to meet and con­nect with so many dif­fer­ent clients. From the first email, tour­ing, and all the meet­ings we have before the big day, I am able to get to know so many brides, grooms, and even some­times the par­ents of the cou­ple! The wed­ding plan­ning process is such a happy, fun, and some­times stress­ful time for these cou­ples, so being able to meet with them dur­ing this time and help their wed­ding come together is so ful­fill­ing.

I always look for­ward to meet­ings because it’s also a time to catch up with the cou­ple about every­thing that has been going on in their lives dur­ing this excit­ing time. Once all the plan­ning is com­plete the big day finally arrives, I am able to see all the spe­cial moments shared between the cou­ple and their friends and fam­i­lies, which makes the job that much more sat­is­fy­ing!

To meet with Lind­sey, or any of our Event & Sales Man­agers about plan­ning your wed­ding or event, email us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Work­ing at Lesner Inn — A Small Part of Their Big Day

On a more per­sonal note from our typ­i­cal blog posts, the ladies at Lesner Inn wanted to share with every­one what each of us loves most about our job. Our newest Event & Sales Man­ager, Eliz­a­beth Bai­ley, shares that what she loves most about work­ing at Lesner Inn is being a part of even the small­est por­tion of someone’s wed­ding day. More on her thoughts below:

Lesner Inn -3-14.jpgWhen I first started col­lege, I knew 100% that I wanted to be a teacher. As my first semes­ter started, I was ecsta­tic because I was tak­ing my first teach­ing course! After the first day of classes, I was a lit­tle dis­cour­aged because it just was not what I was expect­ing, but I was deter­mined to keep going. Well, through­out the semes­ter, I real­ized that teach­ing just wasn’t for me, but I did real­ize that I loved coor­di­nat­ing events through my Recre­ation and Leisure class I was also tak­ing. From then on out, I knew I was going to be an event coor­di­na­tor.

Skip to my job at Lesner Inn, which is amaz­ing!! It is my first job out of col­lege and I could not have asked for a bet­ter way to start my career. I love the envi­ron­ment that I work in, but I mostly love how I get to be just a small por­tion of someone’s biggest day of their life. I have the oppor­tu­nity to be with them through almost the entire plan­ning process, rec­om­mend ven­dors, help plan their décor, and see their big day come to life, and it’s what makes my career so much fun! Do I con­nect with some cou­ples more than oth­ers? Of course, that’s just because of who they are and who I am, but I still love get­ting to be a part of their wed­ding day. The amount of stress I see through­out the plan­ning process is over­come by so much joy on the wed­ding day, and the fact that I get to be a part of mak­ing that joy hap­pen, is beyond mea­sur­able.

It’s almost funny to look back and think that I could have been a teacher and expe­ri­enced a dif­fer­ent type of joy, but the hap­pi­ness that I get from see­ing the cou­ples on the biggest day of their lives is what I LOVE. The first kiss as new­ly­weds, the father/​daughter dance, the cake smash­ing, all of that brings the biggest smile to my face because I had the oppor­tu­nity to be a small por­tion of their big day!

If you’d like to see how we can be just a small part of your big day, please email us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let’s Talk Bud­get­ing

One of the most com­mon issues that we have when dis­cussing wed­ding bud­gets with poten­tial clients is the fact that they haven’t edu­cated them­selves on what a wed­ding can actu­ally cost. A wed­ding is usu­ally one of the first big invest­ments that you & your fiancé will make together. It requires as much research & bud­get­ing as it does to pur­chase a home! Before you give poten­tial ven­dors a call to help you host a two hun­dred per­son wed­ding for $5,000, sit down with your fiancé to answer these impor­tant bud­get­ing ques­tions.

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue Virginia Beach (4).jpgWho do I want to expe­ri­ence this with most?
Before throw­ing a ran­dom fig­ure out there for your wed­ding bud­get, you MUST sit down with your fiancé & put together a guest list. This list should include every­one you absolutely can­not cel­e­brate your mar­riage with­out! You should even have a sec­ond list of peo­ple that you may want to invite if your bud­get allows for it, or if peo­ple on your “A list” can’t make it. There is no shame in hav­ing a B list!

Right: Christina Vanta Pho­tog­ra­phy

When do I want to say “I do” to the love of my life?
Most venues & cater­ing facil­i­ties will have a required food & bev­er­age min­i­mum that you need to reach on spe­cific days of the week, months of the year, & times of day. At Lesner Inn, your food & bev­er­age min­i­mum can be sig­nif­i­cantly less in the months of Jan­u­ary, Feb­ru­ary, March & Novem­ber com­pared to any other month of the year. How­ever, keep in mind when select­ing your date that Sat­ur­day evenings are the most cov­eted day & time for a wed­ding recep­tion, so the min­i­mum require­ments are going to be higher than they would on a Fri­day or Sun­day!

Where do we want to say our vows & cel­e­brate with our clos­est friends & fam­ily?
Between, food, bev­er­ages, favors, desserts, & décor there is a lot to con­sider when adding another name to your guest list. To cre­ate a more edu­cated bud­get, find out what your favorite venues offer & at what cost. If the cost per per­son of your wed­ding venue or cater­ing com­pany doesn’t match up with what you were expect­ing, don’t be afraid to ask how you can cus­tomize their menu to fit your needs. If you don’t want to offer a bar, speak up! As long as you are reach­ing their min­i­mum for your selected date & time it doesn’t mat­ter how you get there!


Above: Daissy Tor­res Photography

What do we need to make our wed­ding day per­fect for OUR story?
A lot of peo­ple for­get about the details that go into plan­ning a wed­ding. We typ­i­cally sug­gest bud­get­ing at least $5,000 for things like cake, flo­rals, DJ, & pho­tog­ra­pher. Of course the total cost of these ven­dors can be more or less, but it all depends on your vision. Lesner Inn is a one stop shop for food, bev­er­age, much of cou­ples favorite décor, wed­ding coor­di­na­tion & even desserts. We also have pre­ferred ven­dors who offer dis­counts for cou­ples who book with us if our ser­vices don’t quite ful­fill every­thing that you & your fiancé want on your wed­ding day!

Will you help us make this day every­thing we want it to be?
After sit­ting down with your fiancé about the who, what, where, & when, talk to both of your fam­i­lies to find out if they are will­ing to con­tribute to your wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion. If so, get a dol­lar amount so that you will know what you & your fiancé will be respon­si­ble for, & how much room is left in your bud­get to add that donut bar that you really wanted!

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue by Stellar Exposures (20).jpg

Above: Stel­lar Expo­sures Photography

Cre­at­ing a wed­ding bud­get after edu­cat­ing your­self on what you expect for your wed­ding day will make the whole plan­ning process far less dif­fi­cult & scary! If you’d pre­fer an expert opin­ion over try­ing to gues­ti­mate a cost by your­self, be pre­pared to answer some of the above ques­tions for your wed­ding pro­fes­sion­als. We want to make sure we are giv­ing you the most accu­rate infor­ma­tion to help you cre­ate the wed­ding of your dreams WITH­OUT break­ing the bank!

Con­tact one of our sales man­agers today to see how we can help with your bud­get wed­ding!

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