8 Things We’ve Learned Since Becom­ing a Wed­ding Venue

Lesner Inn has been in busi­ness for quite some time now and we thought it would be help­ful to share with you some insights that we’ve learned through­out the years of being a wed­ding venue! From things spe­cific to the venue side of wed­dings or just some generic tips, we hope you can take at least one or two of these and use them dur­ing wed­ding plan­ning!

Hir­ing Help for your Wed­ding is Impor­tant Waterfront Wedding Venue Hampton Roads (3)
You may not need a wed­ding plan­ner or assis­tance design­ing your wed­ding, but hav­ing some­one to put all the pieces together on the day of, and get you down the aisle is cru­cial! Enjoy the day you’ve worked so hard on plan­ning, and spent so much money on. Let your hired ven­dors do what you hired them for – and hire a day of coor­di­na­tor to make sure they do!

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Do’s & Don’ts for Book­ing Ven­dors
  1. Do decide on your entire wed­ding bud­get BEFORE book­ing ven­dors. Once you decide on an over­all bud­get, select your cater­ing (some­times your venue includes your cater­ing). The scari­est num­ber you’ll see while plan­ning your wed­ding will be from the food and bev­er­age. About 80% of your entire bud­get should go towards the food and bev­er­age, and the remain­ing towards other ven­dors such as flow­ers, music, pho­tog­ra­phy, etc.
  2. Don’t com­mit to a spe­cific date until you book your venue. Def­i­nitely come up with a sea­son or month that you like to have your wed­ding but some­times if you nar­row it down to just one date, you may have a hard time find­ing a venue that has it avail­able depend­ing on how close that date it is.
  3. Do book your venue first THEN start book­ing other ven­dors based on the date that you booked your venue.

Trust Your Ven­dors
Once you’ve booked your ven­dors, be sure to actu­ally use them and the knowl­edge they’ve acquired from pre­vi­ous wed­dings. Your ven­dors do numer­ous wed­dings a year so they are aware of how things go and the best ways to do things. Go to them for advice and lis­ten to them if they have a rec­om­men­da­tion for cer­tain things to make your wed­ding per­fect!

echard_wheeler_lesner-dual-entree-plated-mealBe Open with Your Ven­dors
Trust­ing your ven­dors and being open with your ven­dors go hand in hand. Being open about every­thing from the start will make the process with your ven­dors so much eas­ier. Dis­cuss with them your vision, your bud­get, what you would like from them the day of, and so on. If you’re not open with them, then you may not be get­ting the best of the best of what they can offer you!

Always Do a Tast­ing
You could think you have your heart set on cer­tain food until you taste it – every­one makes things dif­fer­ently or you could be pleas­antly sur­prised and love some­thing you usu­ally wouldn’t order. It is also impor­tant to keep your guest’s taste pref­er­ences in mind, it’s your wed­ding but you are host­ing them and want to make sure there is a lit­tle some­thing for every­one. Also be con­scious of your guest’s dietary restric­tions – if some­one has a shell fish, gluten, peanut, etc. allergy that will be super help­ful to tell your cater­ing com­pany before­hand so the meal can go as smooth as pos­si­ble.

Left: Echard Wheeler Pho­tog­ra­phy

Allow for Hic­cups
You’ve worked really hard to plan an event, but with every event, there’s always the risk of things not going exactly as planned. That’s okay! You’re hav­ing a wed­ding and recep­tion to invite friends and fam­ily to cel­e­brate the love between you and your fiancé. So enjoy the time together and pre­pare to be a go with the flow sort of per­son for that day!

Have a Sup­port Sys­tem
As fun as wed­ding plan­ning can be, it can also be very stress­ful. Plan­ning an event any­where from 50200 guests is no easy task espe­cially when you may be doing it for the first time in your life. You’ll want to cel­e­brate with them on the good days and have their sup­port on the more stress­ful days of wed­ding plan­ning!

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Above: Jes­sica Boudreaux Photography

We have truly learned a lot over the course of our years as a wed­ding venue! We have seen almost every­thing you could pos­si­bly see at a wed­ding and just wanted to share what we learned with our future cou­ples! If you’re just start­ing out or near­ing the end of wed­ding plan­ning, we hope you can use these to your advan­tage!

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