Find­ing the Per­fect Match

Ring shop­ping should be a joy­ful time for both the bride and groom, but often­times it can cause some anx­i­ety. Once you’ve got­ten through choos­ing the per­fect engage­ment ring for your now fiancé, it seems that it should be eas­ier to choose a wed­ding ring to match. We hope it does, but it can be just as stress­ful. You won­der which one matches the best or try to get the per­fect mix between drop dead gor­geous but not too much as to take away from the engage­ment ring. There are so many things that go through your mind, from the cut, mate­r­ial, fit, and even the color of your rings. Per­son­al­iza­tion is also some­thing to con­sider, like an engrav­ing that sym­bol­izes you and your fiancés’ love, so the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less!

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Above: Kelly Marie Pho­tog­ra­phy

The graphic below takes you through how to find the per­fect pair­ing to the engage­ment ring, whether you’re shop­ping sep­a­rately or together!


Of course, your per­sonal taste will also be a huge fac­tor when choos­ing the match­ing wed­ding ring, but this is def­i­nitely a great place to start! If you need more inspi­ra­tion, check out sites like Blue Nile, that have an exten­sive and unique col­lec­tion of wed­dings rings to fig­ure out just how to make the per­fect ring stack!

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