Not the Aver­age Bar

When most engaged cou­ples think about hav­ing a bar at their wed­ding, their minds go straight to their favorite local beers & spe­cialty cock­tails. But, when plan­ning their wed­ding, they see that there are numer­ous types of bars to host that don’t have to include alco­hol! To give you some ideas, we want to share some of our favorites with you that you can eas­ily get at Lesner Inn!

Alco­hol Bar
Like we men­tioned, this is the most thought of bar at a wed­ding. The bev­er­age choices are end­less with your choice of your favorite Vir­ginia local beers & wines, cock­tail drinks, & more. Of course a bar is not required for any wed­ding, but there are sev­eral dif­fer­ent ways that you can present this to your wed­ding guests if you so choose. Ask your event man­ager about the best way to accom­mo­date what you want behind your bar at Lesner Inn!

Dessert Bar
This is another bar that most peo­ple tend to lean toward when dis­cussing the dif­fer­ent wed­ding bars. It is very pop­u­lar in upcom­ing wed­ding trends & they are even being used instead of tra­di­tional wed­ding cake! Set out an array of your favorite desserts with any­thing from brown­ies to cook­ies to dough­nuts to choco­late cov­ered straw­ber­ries or any­thing else you may be crav­ing. Here at Lesner Inn, we love to help out with these bars as we can pro­vide you with brown­ies, cook­ies, choco­late cov­ered straw­ber­ries, & even dough­nuts!


Above: Keith Cephus Photography

Candy Bar
The candy bar is such a crowd pleaser! So many cou­ples are start­ing to have candy bars to go along with their cake or even have it as a favor for their guests. It’s per­fect because you can per­son­al­ize this with the types of candy you select or even by the stamps or labels on the bags you use for your guest’s doggy bags! If you love the idea, but don’t want to add another thing to your plan­ning list, Lesner Inn will take care of it for you! Just let your event man­ager know your favorite selec­tions & we will set it up for you on your wed­ding night!

Pop­corn Bar
Okay, let’s be hon­est, who doesn’t love these but­tery puffs of heaven after a good meal? This bar is def­i­nitely one that your guests will be all over! Typ­i­cally, there’s two ways to do this bar at Lesner Inn. You can have dif­fer­ent fla­vors of pop­corn for the guests to choose from or you can have good old-​fashioned but­ter pop­corn with dif­fer­ent can­dies to put on top (we ALWAYS rec­om­mend a salty & sweet treat)! Either way, you can’t go wrong with a pop­corn bar for a late night snack that every­one can grab while they’re on the dance floor!


Above: Dustin Lewis Images

Ice Cream Sun­dae Bar
We don’t know about you, but we LOVE ice cream & we’re pretty sure your guests will too! Why not give them a bar that’s full of ice cream, sprin­kles, choco­late syrup, choco­late chips & so much more that they can pile on top? There’s no bet­ter way to cool down from the dance floor than to eat some cold ice cream that Lesner Inn can pro­vide your guests!

Now when you think of the bar you would like to incor­po­rate for your guests at your wed­ding, we hope you con­sider some of these tasty treats as well! If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, reach out to one of our event & sales man­agers at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 7574811122!

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