10 Ques­tions to Ask Before Book­ing Your Wed­ding Venue

Wed­ding plan­ning, no mat­ter how many times you’ve done it, comes with a lot of ques­tions about how and when cer­tain things should get done. This can be stress­ful enough, but on top of all the ques­tions already going through your head, you then go to check out your top wed­ding venues and real­ize that you don’t even know what ques­tions to ask. Well, being one of Vir­ginia Beach’s top wed­ding venues, we have some help­ful tips for what­ever venue you’re look­ing at! We’ve put together a list of 10 ques­tions, and answers, that we hope will help and that you should def­i­nitely ask your wed­ding venue before book­ing!
  1. What do you provide?
This is such an impor­tant ques­tion because you want to know what you need to bring in from an out­side ven­dor or what you’ll need to bring your­self. Lesner Inn tries to be as inclu­sive as pos­si­ble, and pro­vides every­thing from the linens and decor to the food and bev­er­age. We even offer wed­ding favors! Make sure you dis­cuss what your venue includes in detail before book­ing so you know exactly what you’ll be respon­si­ble for!
  1. How long do I have to set every­thing up and break it down?
Like almost every ques­tion in this list this changes for each venue, but you should at least have 2 hours to set up before the wed­ding and 1 hour to break down. This is our pol­icy at Lesner Inn, includ­ing the set up for ven­dors and other per­sonal décor items. Be sure to ask your venue because this is just a gen­er­al­iza­tion, so it might be dif­fer­ent for each place!
  1. Do you have a pre­ferred ven­dors list? If so, do I have to stick to that list?
Most venues will have a pre­ferred ven­dors list. Whether you have to stick to those spe­cific ven­dors or not is what is nor­mally dif­fer­ent between venues. We have a list with ven­dors that we highly rec­om­mend, but our cou­ples are more than wel­come to bring in any ven­dor they would like! How­ever, our pre­ferred ven­dors offer dis­counts to Lesner Inn cou­ples, so we highly rec­om­mend tak­ing advan­tage of that!
  1. If my fiancé gets deployed, what is the process we go through to postpone?
Virginia Beach Military Wedding Lesner Inn Waterfront.jpgThis is a ques­tion that we really hope doesn’t come up dur­ing the wed­ding plan­ning process, but we under­stand when duty calls. Dif­fer­ent venues will have dif­fer­ent poli­cies and processes, but Lesner Inn is par­tic­u­larly under­stand­ing in this sit­u­a­tion and will resolve this on a case by case basis. Be sure to ask your venue what the steps are if this hap­pens before you book!
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  1. How do I hold my date?
Ahh, the ques­tion that every cou­ple should ask once you’ve com­pletely fallen in love with your wed­ding venue! Some venues will require a deposit to hold the date and oth­ers will hold it com­pli­men­tary for a cer­tain amount of time. Once a cou­ple expresses that they would like to secure the date, Lesner Inn will place a 5 day com­pli­men­tary hold on the date so the cou­ple can rest easy know­ing that no one else can book it. If you have a spe­cific date in mind, we highly rec­om­mend ask­ing if you can place a hold on it and what is required to book the space while you’re in the process of look­ing every­thing over!
  1. What is the pay­ment schedule?
Just like every­thing else, this will dif­fer from venue to venue, but we can say that most of them will have a pay­ment sched­ule for you. We don’t know of any venues that would required every­thing to be paid in one lump sum. Either way, never fear to talk about finances with your wed­ding venue. If you want to break pay­ments up into more fre­quent and smaller amounts just tell your venue up front!
  1. When do you need all final num­bers and details?
This! This is such an impor­tant ques­tion that needs to be asked before book­ing your wed­ding venue! We can’t stress enough how impor­tant it is to have every sin­gle detail that your venue needs in to them on time. Def­i­nitely ask when they will need all final num­bers, food/​beverage selec­tions, etc. This is espe­cially impor­tant when your venue does on-​site cater­ing, as Lesner Inn does, because they need to pre­pare all décor and order your food and alco­hol in time for your event. It will make the end of plan­ning so much eas­ier if you know before­hand when your venue will need all of this infor­ma­tion and can save you some hefty late fees, so be sure to ask!
  1. How far out should I book?
This is really up to you and how picky you are with the spe­cific date, day of the week, or time of day for your wed­ding. If you’re super flex­i­ble, then you really don’t need to worry about book­ing crazy far in advance because you can typ­i­cally find a week­end that works for both you and your venue. How­ever, if your venue doesn’t do more than one wed­ding per day or even week­end, then you may have a lit­tle more trou­ble find­ing a week­end in the near future. If you want it on a spe­cific date, then we would say to go ahead and book early so you can be sure to get that date. A good rule of thumb is to book at least a year in advance!
  1. What if there’s a hur­ri­cane the day of my wedding?
Waterfront Wedding Venue Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (10).jpgThis is another ques­tion that no cou­ple wants to talk about but that you should always ask before book­ing your venue. At Lesner Inn, as long as our doors can open the show goes on! We will do every­thing in our power to make it hap­pen and make sure every­thing still goes as planned. This is gen­er­ally the pol­icy with most venues because no one ever wants to post­pone a wed­ding due to weather, but it’s always good to ask before­hand!
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  1. Am I required to have a coordinator?
The pos­si­ble answers to this ques­tion are pretty cut and dry: yes or no. Some venues will require you to at least have a day-​of coor­di­na­tor for your wed­ding. How­ever, there will be other venues, like Lesner Inn, who do not require you to have a plan­ner or day-​of coor­di­na­tor. We do sug­gest it though, because it takes a ton of stress off of you and your fiance and will make a world of a dif­fer­ence on your wed­ding day. Lesner Inn actu­ally offers full wed­ding plan­ning and day-​of coor­di­na­tion ser­vices specif­i­cally for Lesner Inn cou­ples, so you don’t even have to work with another com­pany to coor­di­nate your wed­ding!

We know wed­ding plan­ning can be stress­ful and you some­times just don’t know the ques­tions to ask cer­tain ven­dors, but we really hope this list helps with some of the ques­tions you should ask your wed­ding venue before book­ing! If you have any more ques­tions, don’t be afraid to speak up. We would much rather cou­ples ask all of their ques­tions upfront than to be con­fused down the road!

If you have any other ques­tions about the book­ing process at Lesner Inn, feel free to con­tact us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 7574811122.

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