How to Prop­erly Thank Your Wed­ding Vendors!

Your wed­ding ven­dors are the pro­fes­sion­als that make your Vir­ginia Beach wed­ding come to life, and hope­fully in a way that is even bet­ter than what you hoped for! Most of these ven­dors are work­ing with you from start to fin­ish, and do every­thing they can to make sure you trust them to han­dle the details of your wed­ding. Things like answer­ing emails after office hours, sched­ul­ing an impromptu appoint­ment, or pro­vid­ing ser­vices that go above the con­tracted agree­ment are all ways that wed­ding ven­dors will go beyond the call of duty to make our clients happy. Your wed­ding ven­dors do so much to make sure you reflect on your wed­ding as the per­fect day, so show them how grate­ful you are in any of these sim­ple ways!

Leave Reviews
Think back to when you were select­ing your wed­ding ven­dors. You were prob­a­bly read­ing reviews to make sure they would be the right per­son for the job. Leav­ing reviews on wed­ding web­sites like The Knot and Wed­ding­Wire are one of the best ways to appre­ci­ate the work that your ven­dors did for you. If you don’t have accounts with either of these top wed­ding web­sites, Face­book and Google are also great places to leave reviews! This will not only bring a smile to their face, but will bring them more busi­ness in the future!

Write Thank You Cards
Hand writ­ten thank you notes are a small token of appre­ci­a­tion, no mat­ter who you’re writ­ing them to. See­ing how happy a client is after their wed­ding is so sat­is­fy­ing, and at Lesner Inn we like to dis­play all of our thank you notes as a reminder to why we love our jobs so much!

Leave Tips
Some of your wed­ding ven­dors don’t expect or require a tip, but this is always a nice ges­ture! If you’re unsure about who should be receiv­ing a tip, this blog from Bridal Guide will help you out!

Give Small Gifts
For those ven­dors who don’t accept or require tips, a small gift is a great ges­ture! One of our Lesner Inn cou­ples brought in mono­grammed san­dals for her event man­ager to wear on her wed­ding day. It was such a thought­ful gift and some­thing so easy to have made! Things like can­dles, cof­fee mugs or tum­blers, or jew­elry are also great ideas as small gifts to give your wed­ding ven­dors.

Think about how stress­ful wed­ding plan­ning is. Now think about doing it for a liv­ing! Your wed­ding ven­dors do so much to make sure that you are happy with the ser­vice they are pro­vid­ing, and deserve a lit­tle recog­ni­tion when it’s all said and done. With that being said, speak up if you feel they could be doing bet­ter! Chances are they have no idea how you are feel­ing, and would love the con­struc­tive crit­i­cism.

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