Work­ing at Lesner Inn — Unique Details

Happy Mon­day every­one! To kick off the week, we hope you take a moment to read what Event & Sales Man­ager, Cayleen Javorsky, loves most about work­ing at Lesner Inn! You may be sur­prised to know that it’s not just the great food… more on her thoughts below:

Cayleen Retouch 1.jpgWhen I think back to how I ended up work­ing at Lesner Inn, plan­ning one of the most epic days of someone’s life, I think back to my first expe­ri­ence work­ing around wed­dings in Vir­ginia Beach. While I was in col­lege, I spent my sum­mers work­ing at the front desk of a local Vir­ginia Beach hotel. Dur­ing my time there, I was able to meet so many peo­ple who were cel­e­brat­ing their wed­ding week­end! My inter­ac­tion with their big day was pretty much non-​existent, but I always got to see the team of ven­dors pile in & work their magic to cre­ate what each cou­ple had planned for so long to be the best day of their lives! Watch­ing what each cou­ple found to be their per­fect wed­ding come to life was so fun to watch, & it has eas­ily become one of my favorite parts about my job at Lesner Inn.

Since start­ing as an Event & Sales Man­ager at Lesner Inn almost 3 years ago, I have seen so many dif­fer­ent color schemes, menu & dessert choices, & new­found tra­di­tions that cou­ples have wanted to incor­po­rate to set their wed­ding apart from the rest. Even though a lot of wed­ding trends stay pretty con­stant, most of our cou­ples will have at least one minute detail that is com­pletely unique to their style & tastes. Each of these unique details can make one wed­ding the com­plete oppo­site of another, but regard­less of if they choose to have break­fast for din­ner, a gelato bar for dessert, or to dance to an uncon­ven­tional song all of these wed­dings are per­fect in their own ways!

These unique touches make my job SO much fun, espe­cially when even I am sur­prised on the night of (shout out to Amanda & David Haas for the guest appear­ance from a T-​rex)!


Above: Luke & Ash­ley Photography

We love being a part of the plan­ning process with our clients, so send us an email at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how we can make your Lesner Inn wed­ding stand out from the rest!

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