Fea­ture Guest: Water­ford Event Rentals

We are total fanat­ics when it comes to blog­ging about the wed­ding indus­try & giv­ing our own insight, but we also love to give some insight from other ven­dors who spe­cial­ize in dif­fer­ent aspects of wed­dings. We want you to get to know the whole pack­age when it comes to plan­ning or design­ing your wed­ding, so we have asked Water­ford Event Rentals to be a fea­tured guest on today’s blog! Sit back & read about all of the won­der­ful things they have to say about their side of the indus­try!

Wedding-Decor-Boho-Chic-Lesner-Inn-Virginia-Beach.jpgOf every­thing you have avail­able to rent, what would you say would help spruce up a wed­ding recep­tion the most & why?

As lit­tle as it seems, nap­kins are a huge part of wed­ding décor! May sound silly, but they’re in every pic­ture of the table-​scape & can add a pop of color, fun print or just a lit­tle tex­ture to the table. Nap­kins are an easy, bud­get friendly addi­tion that can make a dif­fer­ence, even if the client is using linen that their venue pro­vides!

Right: Echard Wheeler Pho­tog­ra­phy

What items do you pro­vide for clients to rent?

We are a full ser­vice linen rental com­pany that spe­cial­izes in all­l­lll things linens! We of course offer the basics, but we have a big selec­tion of spe­cialty & even cus­tom print linens. We’re always will­ing to order in some­thing new! Not only do we spe­cial­ize in linens, but we also rent chairs & plate charg­ers. We have gold, mahogany & white chi­avari chairs, as well as white resin fold­ing chairs. We also have both resin & glass beaded charg­ers. We are cur­rently expand­ing our inven­tory, so stay tuned for our newest addi­tions!

Would you say chair sashes or cov­ers are nec­es­sary?

Chair cov­ers & sashes are def­i­nitely impor­tant, but totally not a must have! We may think dif­fer­ently though ;) Let’s say there are 15 tables & 150 guests. A table linen will only be on 15 of the tables, while a chair sash will be on 150 chairs. Makes such a big­ger impact to the room!

Have you seen a trend in a spe­cific type or color of linen?

All the neu­trals! We see a ton of ivory, blush & gold… but we’re totally not mad about it! Such a roman­tic color scheme that doesn’t seem like it will ever go out of style. Add a pop of sequins in there & call it a day!


Above: David Cham­pagne Photography

Blush-Boho-Wedding-Trend-Lesner-Inn-Virginia-Beach-Wedding-Venue.jpgWhat is your favorite part about wed­dings?

Hard­est ques­tion ever… but we LOVE see­ing the room trans­form! Walk­ing into a com­pletely empty venue & walk­ing out a few hours later with light­ing, linens, flo­rals, music, etc., it’s such a sur­real feel­ing. Know­ing that Water­ford has made a small impact in someone’s BIG day is such an amaz­ing feel­ing. Def­i­nitely will never get old!

Left: Echard Wheeler Pho­tog­ra­phy

We couldn’t agree more! We love see­ing our wed­ding venue trans­form into each couple’s dream & see their eyes grow wide when they see their designs come to life. We adore Water­ford Event Rentals & work with them all through­out the year, so if you love what you read today, con­tact them directly or ask us how to get in touch with them so we can help your wed­ding vision come true!

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