Wed­ding Vocab­u­lary Guide

We at Lesner Inn, we know that some­times wed­ding plan­ning can get stress­ful & a bit con­fus­ing since you & your fiance prob­a­bly haven’t planned a wed­ding before. Since it may seem like we are speak­ing a com­pletely dif­fer­ent lan­guage, Lesner Inn made a glos­sary of some of the most com­monly used wed­ding indus­try words to help slim down that con­fu­sion between you & your ven­dors!

Bus­tle: After you’ve flaunted your train dur­ing your water­front cer­e­mony & for por­trait shots, it’s time to pin that train up & dance the night away! “Bus­tle” is just a fancy way to say that you’re pin­ning your dress’ train up, so that it doesn’t drag on the floor & get dam­aged.

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Cake Cut­ting Ser­vice: After the cer­e­mo­nial cake cut­ting by the cou­ple, your caterer will cut the rest of the cake & serve it to the guests to enjoy. Lesner Inn includes cake cut­ting ser­vices & even lets you decide whether you would like to dis­play the sliced pieces of cake, or if you would like our staff to pass them to your guests.

Cake Cut­ting Set: This one is so sim­ple, yet can be so con­fus­ing. The cake cut­ting set is the knife & serv­ing piece that you use to cut & serve dur­ing the cer­e­mo­nial cake cut­ting for you & your spouse. Lesner Inn has a house set for you to use, but some cou­ples pre­fer to pur­chase their own or even will use the ones their par­ents used on their wed­ding day!

Charg­ers: These may look like fancy plates, but they are actu­ally used as table­top dec­o­ra­tion & are placed at the table set­ting before china are put on top of them. Don’t be the one who acci­den­tally takes this plate up to the buf­fet… talk about social sui­cide.

Cock­tail Hour: This is the period of time (not always an hour) between your cer­e­mony & recep­tion where your guests have an oppor­tu­nity to min­gle with one another & enjoy cock­tails & hors d’oeuvres. It is most com­mon that the new­ly­weds will take wed­ding pho­tos dur­ing this time with their fam­ily & bridal party before being announced into the recep­tion.

Lesner Inn -4-4.jpgDay of Coor­di­na­tor: A day of coor­di­na­tor (not to be con­fused with a wed­ding plan­ner) is basi­cally a wed­ding assis­tant who takes over once the wed­ding is a few weeks away. The coordinator’s main focus is to con­firm the details that you have planned with your ven­dors & to tie up any loose ends. They will also be there for rehearsal & the day-​of your wed­ding to make sure every­thing from set-​up to over­all exe­cu­tion goes smoothly. Lesner Inn offers day-​of coor­di­na­tion & wed­ding design ser­vices to our cou­ples, so feel free to reach out to us for more details!

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Food & Bev­er­age Min­i­mum: This is the amount of money that you are required to spend on all food & bev­er­age items. This amount varies from venue to venue but is always the amount that you will be meet­ing, & pos­si­bly exceed­ing, for any sort of food & bev­er­ages for your guests.

Hors D’oeuvres: This is just a fancy word for appe­tiz­ers. They are made for every­one to enjoy dur­ing your cock­tail hour, which Lesner Inn includes the hor d’oeuvres for in our base pric­ing!

Matron of Honor: Most peo­ple know that brides have a maid of honor & grooms have a best man, but brides can also have a matron of honor. This brides­maid is just as spe­cial as your maid of honor, but the title changes since she is already mar­ried!

Mem­ory Table: Just like any other side table, this one is com­pletely optional for the cou­ple. This table nor­mally holds pic­ture frames of loved ones who have passed away, so they can be remem­bered on your spe­cial day.

Toast: These are short speeches to the bride & groom gen­er­ally done by the best man & maid/​maitron of honor. Of course, there are oth­ers who can do them like the father of the bride, sib­lings of the bride or groom, or any­one who is spe­cial to you! Regard­less of who speaks, toasts are gen­er­ally done with cham­pagne which Lesner Inn pro­vides for each guest!

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Venue Man­ager: A venue man­ager is there the day-​of your wed­ding to make sure all runs smoothly with the venue & the food & bev­er­age side of things, if they do in house cater­ing like Lesner Inn does. They will make sure your floor plan is cor­rect, any sort of décor items rented through the venue are set, & that the time­line for all food & bev­er­age is fol­lowed accord­ingly. At Lesner Inn, you will always have a venue man­ager on site the day of your wed­ding, but they do not act as coor­di­na­tors with your other ven­dors or per­sonal details.

Wed­ding Plan­ner: Your wed­ding plan­ner will be there through­out the entire process from choos­ing your venue & ven­dors to say­ing “I do”. They will help with design­ing your wed­ding, choos­ing ven­dors & final­iz­ing con­tracts with them, & set­ting up & man­ag­ing the details of your wed­ding on the day of. They will also be there the day-​of from start to fin­ish to make sure things go smoothly & that every­thing is han­dled cor­rectly. Lesner Inn offers wed­ding plan­ning to all of our soonly weds, so if you’re look­ing to sit back through the plan­ning process & have a stress free wed­ding day, then our wed­ding plan­ning ser­vice is the way to go!

We want to make the wed­ding plan­ning process as stress free as pos­si­ble, so we hope this glos­sary of “wed­ding words” helps out! Of course, there are many other terms we use that may be a lit­tle con­fus­ing, so just reach out to us if you need some insight!

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