Wed­ding High­lights: Amanda & Matt 8.5.2017

Sunset-Deck-Ceremony-Lesner-Inn-Virginia-Beach.jpgAmanda & Matt got mar­ried at Lesner Inn on August 5, 2017 on our Sun­set Deck. The ladies at Lesner Inn had the plea­sure of coor­di­nat­ing their wed­ding, where we had a great time get­ting to know them & their fam­i­lies! After learn­ing a lit­tle bit more about them, we love how much of their wed­ding details match up to the details of their love story! We hope you enjoy the details as much as we did!

How & when did you meet?
We met the sum­mer before my third year of phar­macy school. I was meet­ing a friend at the bar and her boyfriend invited Matt. As we started talk­ing, I tried to describe this amaz­ing drink I had just dis­cov­ered– a Mar­garona. We decided to order a round of mar­gar­i­tas and coro­nas at the bar to make our own. Lit­tle did I know that the mar­garita need to be frozen to pre­vent spillage. I spilt it all over the bar. For months, Matt had me listed as mar­garona in his phone.

How & when did you get engaged? (We know, this story is so sweet!)
We got engaged in Jamaica in Octo­ber 2016. Matt was wait­ing for the per­fect time to pro­pose. It rained every evening we were there. We were walk­ing to din­ner one night, umbrella in hand, when he pulled me aside. I was walk­ing fast in an attempt to get to din­ner (I really love food). He finally grabbed my arm and said “If you would just slow down for a minute, I’m try­ing to ask you to marry me.”

What made you pick Lesner Inn as your wed­ding venue?
I knew I wanted to get mar­ried on the water, but I didn’t want the unpre­dictable weather to be a fac­tor. The Lesner Inn had amaz­ing reviews. It turned out to be the per­fect loca­tion. We were able to have the ceremony/​reception at the same loca­tion. The food was phe­nom­e­nal and the views were amaz­ing.


What ven­dors did you choose for your wed­ding day & why did you choose them?
  • Pho­tog­ra­phy– Dustin Lewis- A friend rec­om­mended him. He had pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence pho­tograph­ing at the Lesner Inn, and great reviews. He was so easy to work with and our pho­tos were stunning!
  • Mary’s Flower Works- Another rec­om­men­da­tion from a friend/​family mem­ber. She did an amaz­ing job.
  • Astro DJ- Astro DJ had great reviews. They were quick and respon­sive to emails. They even let one of the guest sing karaoke to “ICE, ICE, Baby”.
  • Flaw­less/​Blush­tones- I researched hair and makeup artists for months. This was one of the more impor­tant details to me. They had great reviews. I knew after the hair/​make-​up trial, that I had cho­sen correctly.

Margarita-machine-wedding-signature-drink-Lesner-Inn-Virginia-Beach.jpgWe LOVED your Pitts­burgh cookie table! What is the story behind this tra­di­tion?
My hus­band is from Pitts­burgh. I’m not sure of the ori­gin of the tra­di­tion, but a true Pitts­burgh wed­ding is not com­plete with­out dozens of home­made cook­ies. Matt’s mom came down a week early to get all the bak­ing done.

What was your favorite detail (big or small) from your wed­ding & why?
Rent­ing a mar­garita machine. Our sig­na­ture drink was the “Mar­garona”, and our guests loved it.

What made you decide to use a steel drum band for your cer­e­mony & cock­tail hour enter­tain­ment?
I wanted to cre­ate a “beachy” vibe. The sound of steel drum bands reminds me of the Caribbean.


How did you han­dle the stress of wed­ding plan­ning? Were there any hic­cups along the way?
I am a type “A” per­son. I sat down and cre­ated a list of every­thing that need to be done and sched­uled time each week to com­plete the task. Most of the wed­ding plan­ning was done in a cou­ple of months. This allowed me to focus on the small details. We had one hic­cup the day of. The shut­tle bus for­got to pick up the guests. Luck­ily Cayleen and Alexis were able to han­dle the sit­u­a­tion. I highly rec­om­mend a day of coor­di­na­tor for this exact sit­u­a­tion.

Is there any­thing that you wish you had done dif­fer­ently or that you had thought of in advance?
I wouldn’t change a thing.

What advice would you give other cou­ples get­ting ready to plan their wed­ding?
Stay orga­nized and book ven­dors as soon as pos­si­ble. Remem­ber, some­thing is bound to go wrong the day of, but in the end it won’t mat­ter.

What great words of advice! Even if you do every­thing right in the plan­ning process, just remem­ber you can’t always expect the unex­pected. All you can do is roll with the punches, and make sure that you hire the help of coor­di­na­tors to han­dle any issues that may arise!

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