How to Make the Most of Your Wed­ding Website

Every­one is online nowa­days. Whether it’s social media, com­put­ers, or smart phones, we all spend a decent amount of our days on our phones & online, so why not have your wed­ding details on a wed­ding web­site? It’s is an easy, & gen­er­ally free, way to give your guests some details that you won’t put on your invi­ta­tions. The web­site is more than just throw­ing up some pic­tures & telling your guests when & where the wed­ding will take place. Get into it & get the most out of your web­site so your guests know all the details!

Basic Essen­tials
Date, time & loca­tion! Even though you may put this infor­ma­tion on your invi­ta­tions, it’s always a good thing to put these basics on your web­site too in case some­one loses the invite. You can even be super nice & put maps or write out direc­tions for your guests if you’re feel­ing up to it!

Lesner-Inn-Wedding-Website-how-to-diy-weddings-virginia-beach.jpg Your Story
We love these!! Although not every­one will read the full story, the guests who do will love to read about all the lit­tle details through­out your love story. How you met, how the rela­tion­ship grew, & of course how he popped the ques­tion! The roman­tic pic­ture you paint will get all of your guests so excited for your big day!
Right: Echard Wheeler Pho­tog­ra­phy

Presents, presents, presents! Where to get them though? Putting your reg­istry on your web­site is such a help when peo­ple are shop­ping around for your wed­ding present. Although you never want to make it seem like your guests are oblig­ated to bring a present, you can dis­creetly put a link to your reg­istry on your web­site so your guests can have easy access to it.

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Attire & accom­mo­da­tions! Every guest always asks “What should I wear to the wed­ding?”, so make it a lit­tle eas­ier for them & sug­gest some things that could go with your wed­ding theme. If you’re hav­ing a rus­tic, relaxed wed­ding, you could sug­gest jeans or if it’s more glam­orous, let them know to wear a more for­mal out­fit. Also, if your guests desire to stay overnight before or after your wed­ding, let­ting them know of nearby hotels can be a huge help to them. This keeps them from bug­ging you about where is the best place to stay or hav­ing to do all of the research them­selves. Another idea is to block off rooms at a local hotel for your guests & let them know that it’s already been done for them!
Left: Stel­lar Expo­sures

Online RSVP
This is some­thing that is pretty sim­ple to set up and can be a huge help to your guests who don’t always respond in a timely man­ner through mail. Some of your guests may also pre­fer the con­ve­nient, cost-​efficient way to RSVP.

Using your wed­ding web­site effec­tively will take so much stress off of the plan­ning process! The lit­tle details will be at your guests fin­ger­tips, leav­ing you to worry about the big details at Lesner Inn!

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