How to Pre­pare for ALL of Your Ven­dor Meetings

When plan­ning your Lesner Inn wed­ding, it is impor­tant to remem­ber that your ven­dors are not there to make deci­sions for you. We love to offer sug­ges­tions when asked but, unless you are deal­ing with a wed­ding plan­ner, it is not our duty to make the big deci­sions. We’ve recently pub­lished a blog to help you pri­or­i­tize when you should book each of your ven­dors, but let’s take a closer look at what comes after book­ing these ven­dors!

Every vendor’s plan­ning process is dif­fer­ent, but here are some of the best tips to make sure that you are pre­pared for every plan­ning meet­ing up until your wed­ding day!


At Lesner Inn, we have two plan­ning meet­ings after book­ing. The first will take place 90 days from the event, and the sec­ond will be two weeks out. If your wed­ding venue is doing your cater­ing, this is some­thing that you will need to con­sider before these meet­ings.
  • 90 Day Meet­ing: It is best to go into this meet­ing with at least an idea of details like your menu, floor plan, linens, rental décor, and guest count. If you have decided that you want a buf­fet, but can’t decide if you would like to serve beef or fish with your chicken entrée then this is also a great time to sit down for a tast­ing! We also ask that you have a gen­eral idea of your time­line at the 90 day meet­ing. Although we know that this will change sev­eral times after you meet with each ven­dor, we like for you to have a real­is­tic idea of when food is served at Lesner Inn, and the amount of time that it will take from your evening so that this infor­ma­tion can be relayed to your other vendors.

  • Final Meet­ing (2 weeks from wed­ding): Your final meet­ing is where all final details and changes must be made to the work­ing con­tract. Keep in mind that some of your ven­dors may require for you to pro­vide a meal for them, so make sure to relay this infor­ma­tion to us at this time!


Plan­ning with your pho­tog­ra­pher includes mak­ing deci­sions such as the amount of time they will stay to take pho­tos and what types of pho­tos and poses you are inter­ested in tak­ing. If you’re unsure of how to respond to these ques­tions, here are some sug­ges­tions on what ques­tions to ask your­self before going into the meet­ing:
  • What is my time­line on the day of, and where is every­thing happening?
  • What do I want my pho­tog­ra­pher to cap­ture on my wed­ding day? (Ex: Get­ting hair & makeup done, pre-​ceremony bridal party pho­tos, sunrise/​sunset, first look, cer­e­mony, first dances, cake cut­ting, recep­tion danc­ing, spe­cial exit, etc.)
  • Where do I want pho­tos to be taken on the day of? If you want pho­tos on Chicks Beach at Sun­set then not only should your pho­tog­ra­pher know, but also your venue/​caterer, and MC so that the event can flow seam­lessly with no gaps or wait­ing around.
  • Who do I want pho­tos with? Make a list of spe­cific peo­ple that you want pho­tos with to make sure that your pho­tog­ra­pher will be able to check them off as they go.
  • What kind of pho­tos do I want most? (Can­did, posed, group shots, etc.)


Your florist is going to be inter­ested in sev­eral aspects of your wed­ding design, and you may be over­whelmed with the amount of details they will need. Here are some of the top­ics you should be ready to dis­cuss with your florist:
  • What is your color scheme?
  • What linen col­ors are going to be on the tables?
  • Are there any spe­cific types of flo­rals that you want to be included?
  • Will you be pro­vid­ing your own vases/​other containers?
  • What kind of bou­quet do you want for you & your brides­maids? If you’re unsure, then check out this blog from Inside Weddings!
  • Are there any spe­cial guests to receive corsages/​boutonnieres?
  • How many tables need to be decorated?
  • What would you like for your arch to look like?


Whether you’ve hired a DJ, band, or ukulele player, they’re going to want to know the type of music you will want played dur­ing the con­tracted time. This includes let­ting them know that you DO NOT want the “Chicken Dance” played at any time through­out the event. Addi­tion­ally, they will need to know your time­line, names of any­one being announced, spe­cial dances/​games for dur­ing the recep­tion and the songs that you want played for each, etc. Don’t for­get that 9 times out of 10 your musi­cal enter­tain­ment will also be the MC for the event.


Obvi­ously this is going to be one of the most enjoy­able plan­ning meet­ings because you get to taste a bunch of sweet treats! Make sure that you are ready to dis­cuss any intri­cate designs that you want for your cake, so that your bak­ery can know what you are expect­ing.

We hope that you are enjoy­ing the plan­ning process and that you keep in mind what this cel­e­bra­tion is all about! Noth­ing is bet­ter than the day you get to walk down the aisle and enjoy a beau­ti­ful event with your friends, fam­ily, and new spouse!!

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