10 Ques­tions to Ask Your Wed­ding Venue (and all of the answers!)

On aver­age, we meet with 1,000 newly engaged cou­ples a year and spend 30 min­utes or more dis­cussing options for their wed­ding at Lesner Inn. That means we spent 20.83 days a year (500 hours) talk­ing to poten­tial clients about ini­tial book­ing. We have found that these poten­tial clients are all ask­ing the same great ques­tions, so we’re here to pro­vide newly engaged cou­ples with the answers! Read on for the 10 ques­tions to ask your wed­ding venue!

#1: Is my date avail­able?
Unless you are flex­i­ble with your date, make sure to ask your venue if they are avail­able before you begin your tour. We hate see­ing a cou­ple fall in love with Lesner Inn only to find out that we are already booked on their date. To avoid this, have a few date options in mind before you begin your tour. While we’re on the sub­ject of your date, don’t ever send out a save the date before you book your wed­ding venue! This puts you at risk for not hav­ing your ven­dor dream team, and of course not being able to have your wed­ding at your dream venue!

#2: What is the max­i­mum capac­ity of the space?
We love that we offer two dif­fer­ent spaces to accom­mo­date both small and large scale events and it is impor­tant for cou­ples to know max­i­mum capac­i­ties for both. If you are look­ing for a smaller space, our Water­side Deck is a great option! With space for a 110 per­son seated event (plated or buf­fet), it can also be used for groups as small as 25. For larger events, our Lesner Hall can accom­mo­date up to 200 guests for a plated meal with space for a dance floor too!

#3: What hap­pens if it rains?

This is a great ques­tion and so impor­tant to ask in a coastal area! Our Water­side Deck is a fully enclosed space so your event can still go on even in the midst of hur­ri­cane sea­son. Lesner Hall is an indoor space and our cer­e­monies are typ­i­cally on the Sun­set Deck which is a cov­ered, open deck. How­ever, unless you have high winds, your out­door cer­e­mony can still hap­pen! If you have your heart set on tying the knot out­side, this is per­fect for you because your guests will be kept safe and dry but still have an awe­some view.
Above: Echard Wheeler Pho­tog­ra­phy

#4: What is included in my rental fee?
Always, always, always ask this! Not all venues offer tables, chairs, linens and set up and break­down like Lesner Inn does. This can be a huge cost to fac­tor into your bud­get. All of our event pack­ages offer a vari­ety of tables, chi­avari chairs, linens, set up and break­down of all of these items, flat­ware, glass­ware, chi­naware and all cater­ing sup­plies. Some of our pack­ages even offer your table decor!

#5: Where do my guests park?
All Lesner Inn events come with a com­pli­men­tary park­ing atten­dant to help direct guests as they arrive on the prop­erty and all of our staff parks off­site. We are under the same own­er­ship as Bubba’s, Back Deck, The Shell­fish Com­pany and the Lynnhaven Fish­ing Com­pany so we have plenty of over­flow park­ing. On a Sat­ur­day night dur­ing peak sea­son, we have 300 guests in the build­ing and never have issues with park­ing. Why not a valet? We find that valets tends to slow down ser­vice when all of the guests are arriv­ing at the same time. You wouldn’t want some­one to be late to the wed­ding because they were wait­ing in line for their car to be valeted.

#6: Are there any hid­den fees that I should watch out for?
Nope! All of Lesner Inn’s costs are clearly spelled out in all of our pric­ing and menus. We even let you know what the state tax is so you have all of the infor­ma­tion you need. We love to cre­ate esti­mates so don’t hes­i­tate to ask your event man­ager for one. This will show you a break­down of all costs so you can see every­thing that you are pay­ing for.

#7: Do you have a pre­ferred ven­dors list that I have to stick to?
Nope! We think you should be able to build your dream team of ven­dors and we love to meet new pho­tog­ra­phers, DJs, florists, coor­di­na­tors and bak­ers. There is no addi­tional fee for bring­ing an out­side ven­dor in so if your dad wants to be the DJ and your sis­ter wants to be the pho­tog­ra­pher, we think that’s great! But if you aren’t famil­iar with any wed­ding ven­dors, we have a sug­ges­tion list to help you start your search for reli­able ven­dors. And the ven­dors on our list offer dis­counts to cou­ples that book their wed­ding at Lesner Inn!

#8: Where do I get ready?View More: http://kirstynmarie.pass.us/sarahmike
Lesner Hall comes with a beau­ti­ful bridal suite that lets in lots of nat­ural light. It makes for great pre wed­ding pho­tos that you can find on our Face­book and Insta­gram. Go give us a fol­low and check it out for your­self!
Right: Kirstyn Marie Pho­tog­ra­phy

#9: Do you offer a mil­i­tary dis­count?
Yes! We offer all mil­i­tary wed­dings a dis­count of 50% off of our Sil­ver pack­age as a thank you for your ser­vice.

#10: I’m in! How do I book?
Lesner Inn requires a non-​refundable deposit of 25% of the esti­mated cost of your event. Your next pay­ment will be due 90 days before your event and will be 50% of the remain­ing bal­ance. You will also sit down with your event man­ager at this time to dis­cuss the details of your event like menu, linens, and floor plan. Two weeks prior to your event, we require all final num­bers as well as final pay­ment. Three easy pay­ments and you’ve paid off your wed­ding!

Did we not cover all of your ques­tions? Give us a call or shoot us an email at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sched­ule your tour!

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