5 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Spe­cial or Involved at Your Wedding

Unless you get lucky and have guests that all live locally, attend­ing a wed­ding can be a big com­mit­ment for your guests to make. After you add air­fare, accom­mo­da­tions, and trans­porta­tion, it sure does get a lit­tle pricey. Make sure you go out of your way to remind them all how spe­cial they are to you and that you appre­ci­ate their efforts! Not sure how to do this? Here are five ways that you can thank them for being there.

Say it! – This might seem clear but some­times the most obvi­ous things are what we miss. Take a moment dur­ing your wel­come to thank every­one for tak­ing the time to be there. If you know some­one went really out of their way, point it out! If that per­son doesn’t know very many peo­ple then it will give them some­thing to talk about at their table.

Anniver­sary Dance – This is always a favorite and helps to get the dance floor mov­ing too! Have your DJ invite all of the mar­ried cou­ples on the dance floor for a dance with you and your sig­nif­i­cant other. After about a minute, have him dis­miss cou­ples that have been mar­ried 1 year, 5 years, etc. You will even­tu­ally end up with the longest mar­ried cou­ple on the dance floor! Ask them for their best mar­riage advice. Don’t for­get to take a pic­ture together!

348Favors – We have seen so many dif­fer­ent types of favors at Lesner Inn but cou­ples still sur­prise us with orig­i­nal ideas. Some of our favorites? Hand painted bot­tles of limon­cello, suc­cu­lents and jarred honey! Send your guests home with some­thing they’ll remem­ber.

Give Them An Hon­or­able Job – On the day of the wed­ding, there are a mil­lion things to get done. Often­times your guests are just as excited about your big day and want to help in any way pos­si­ble. Do you need ush­ers or greeters still? This is a great way to make some­one feel like a guest of honor.

Hotel Wel­come Bags – When your guests check in to their hotel, have a goody bag at the front desk ready and wait­ing for their arrival. Stuff it with coupons for local restau­rants, a note from you, candy, snacks, sunscreen…anything! Guests will feel pam­pered imme­di­ately upon arrival.

There are so many more ways to make your guests feel spe­cial. But just remem­ber, the small­est thank you goes a long way.

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